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Wren Tech Advantage Tactical Sights-update

Discussion in 'Sights, Optics and Lasers' started by CPTmorgan, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. CPTmorgan


    Mar 26, 2004
    Narcoossee FL
    I put a set of Wren Tech's Advantage Tactical Sights on my Glock 34 this summer. I really like the combination of a fast sight picture up close and pinpoint accuracy at longer range. I have been using these sights for a few IDPA, USPSA & Steel Challenge matches over the past few months without any issues, other than holster fit. The wide, large front sight post will not fit any of Comp-Tac's holsters. Since Comp-Tac is arguably the most popular IDPA and USPSA Production Division holster, this is an issue. G-Code, Blade-Tech & Ready Tactical all fit fine, however, so there are options available.
    I recently completed OpSpec Training's 3-day Advanced Pistol Operator Course-C (APOC) at Central Florida Rifle & Pistol Club in Orlando. I fired at least 2,500 rounds through the G34 during the three-day course, so this was the first intense workout for the ATS sight set.
    No issues with sights on day 1 & 2, or the first 1,700 rounds. On the afternoon of day 3 around the 2,500 round mark I suddenly could not shoot a tight group at 25 yards. Unload & check front sight; loose. Very loose. Back when I installed the front sight, I followed the directions exactly; once zeroed to the 147g ammo, the screw was installed with Loctite 242 and snugged down with a wrench. Due to the Loctite on the screw, it was impossible to remove at the range, so the gun was effectively done for the day. Since I had a backup pistol, not a problem. Completed disassembly at home and was surprised to find that 2 of the little plastic elevation shims had been completely destroyed. I never use solvents on anything but the bore, and that is always done away from the rest of the gun; so the front sight has not been exposed to solvents. Class was done using G-Code holster with ample sight track, so there was no physical impact to the front sight.
    The only causes of the shim failure I can think of are heat and repetitive stress. Day 2 of APOC averages about 200 rounds per hour, and the gun does get pretty warm, although manageable without gloves... probably hot near the muzzle, although I never checked. Certainly some blast residue from muzzle surrounding the front sight. Perhaps the sight screw started loosening, which allowed the shims to slide back & forth between the sight & base, causing the thinner shims to self-destruct. You can see what's left of the shim in the photos.
    The ATS are still my favorite sights, but I certainly wouldn't put them on a service or carry pistol, they're too fragile. This same G34 went through a 3-day OpSpec Practical Fundamentals Course last year with no issues whatsoever while wearing Warren Tactical Sights, which are very durable; even if the fiber optic rod falls out the front, you still have a useable front sight.
    I'm not sure why Wren Tech goes to all the trouble of offering 5 colors of front sights and 5 different rear inserts, when almost everyone seems to use a yellow rear and red front. If they could figure out the proper front sight height for each platform and make a one-piece front sight, these would be much sturdier sights. Eliminating the base/sight/shim system would allow for a smaller footprint on the slide, and possibly fit the popular Comp-Tac holsters as a bonus.
    Bottom line: Great sight picture but fragile product as installed on Glock. Holster fit an issue for Comp-Tac and any other narrow-track holster. Replacing the delicate (breakable) multi-part base/shim/sight system with a one-piece front sight would drastically improve the ATS system.
  2. toughmandave


    Jan 5, 2015
    ATS Glock Blade Tech Revolution Holster

    When using my Glock model 22 Gen 4 and the ATS sights, the front sight outer edge of the colored insert retainer rubs along the edges of the Blade Tech Revolution sight channel making it impossible to draw quickly from the holster. In fact I pulled so hard the holster came out of my pants and off my competition belt.

    Here is how I resolved the problem. Remove the two holster pistol tension screws, rubber stops and screw retainers and the holster will open up flat exposing the holster sight channel. Carefully remove enough of only the sides of the channel to allow the edges of the ATS sight to move freely back and forth through the channel. With the pistol unloaded pull the sides of the holster back in place so you can insert the pistol, sliding it back and forth through the channel and by using a flashlight you can see if you have removed enough material where the outside of the front sight rubbed. I used sandpaper around a round dowel to widen the channel. Be very careful not to remove any surface from the holster where it folds because the holster material is very thin at that point.

    Once enough material has been removed, re-assemble the holster and lubricate the area you sanded with ArmorAll.

    Now your pistol will draw perfectly smooth without any binding.

  3. ChicagoZman


    Jun 29, 2010
    Have had a set of these on one of my guns for the past four years (23 carry gun) and am surprised that you've had issues with the shims, although you mentioned that they're plastic when mine are clearly metal. Guess they lowered the cost of manufacture by going with cheaper materials.

    Also, while most may prefer the red/yellow combination, I prefer green/green as my eyes pick that color up better than any other.
  4. toughmandave


    Jan 5, 2015
    I am using the ATS sights and slamming them in and out of my Blade Tech every day dry firing. They seem to be holding up fine. Five replacement inserts are CHEAP but the front sight base on the Glock models is $30.00. Make sure you use the red lock tight on the screw, not blue. With no lock tight and the blue my front sight loosened up after about 100 rounds. I just ordered ATS's new FireFly front night sight insert just to try it.