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  1. With all the activity here it's no wonder we have such great gun laws in California!

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  3. They should just make crime illegal......
  4. Commiefornia is a hard place to be a gun owner/lover....or anything firearm related period. This pretty much show's where the problem is. People that are actually interested in firearms and live in this state, still choose not to participate. If it's not hippies/gun hating politicians (I think we lead the USA in restrictive gun laws) it's the fact that there is so much "red tape" around everything that people just give up!

    My OPINION: More guns= Less crime. I wouldn't go around breaking into houses/robbing people when I know everyone has guns!

    Interesting segment:
  5. I am very active, recruiting new shooters when ever and where ever I can.
  6. I wish more people in this state thought like you. The only image the public has of firearms in California is crime. They don't think recreation, sports and collecting. It's going to be a tough battle but some of us are willing to fight that fight.
  7. Was looking thru all the state laws regarding open and concealed carry and CA is one of the worst out of the 6 states where you cant open carry and need a damn good reason for CCW. I want to submit and when they ask why I need a CCW I can just ask if they watch the news :upeyes: Cant go anywhere and feel safe these days. Malls, movie theaters, schools, amusement parks etc...ridiculous.
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    Well, you sure can't tell there are disinterested gun owners by the way the shelves are being emptied in Kali today. Ya can't find a lower OR upper anywhere in the GREATER LA area and Kali compliant AR's are gone!

    Also the guns stores are zoo's. I heard there's even lines at some stores.

    Even at the cop only stores business is hopping today!

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    I do my local posting on Calguns....
  10. Exactly. If i want to talk to other CA gun owners, i go to If i want to talk about Glocks, i will come here.
  11. Hey there, just joined and live in the SF bay area and having the hardest time finding a glock 19 at area stores. I'm a newbie and need to take the little test they make you do, any suggestions on how I can shorten the path to my Glock would be great!
  12. I lived (if one can call it "living") in California once...Santa Clara County. There, you only need to donate $5,000 to the Sheriff's re-election campaign to qualify for a CCW permit.
  13. @Lowjiber aint that a damn shame!!!! But it's probably got alot of truth in it. I believe they're even in the slow but sure process of closing up the open land that we can shoot on also. What is wrong with my country, with my state????

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