Wow, going back to pre1967 borders in Israel

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  1. Pres Obama just emphasized hard before the AIPAC audience this will be the lasting peace everyone should work for. If he does achieve this, his second term might be sealed . The man is a genius , a notch above Pres Clinton.

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    Spit out the Kool-aid son it's not about him.
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    Obama plans to revert the US to the original 13 colonies borders.
  5. Okay -- the OP is an Onion/Scrappleface knock-off...Correct?

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    So, if the head of state of one bankrupt country tells the head of state of another, not bankrupt, country to declare unilateral surrender, we're supposed to think anyone takes him seriously?

    A very senior person in the Administration proposed several years ago that peace could be achieved if we (USA) would spend trillions (Capital T, back then) to establish the Palestinians with a peer-level military vis Israel. Smantha Power, aka Mrs. Cass Sunstein, if you're curious.

    That, I take seriously.
  7. Does anyone seriously think that if it was our country in this situation that we'd give up land to appease someone else? Israel is there and the rest of the world needs to accept it and move on.

  8. Well, it wouldn't surprise me if Obama made the offer.
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    1. The JBT's

    It's still, sadly, amateur hour.
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  11. If the op is serious he is even dumber than Obama...and that's saying something.
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    Nope, pretty sure he's serious. What that says about his intelligence/sanity TOS prevent me from saying

  13. That is simply amazing... :shocked:

    S/he's gotta be a provocateur sent over from Organizing for America or just to stir the pot...I find it incomprehensible that anyone could actually be that stupid...

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    WTF is he thinking.
  15. This sums it up....

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    I've said the essentially the same thing. To fix it we need to limit the vote to people who have proved they are intelligent enough, educated enough, and involved enough to make sound decisions about who should run our country. Mandating everyone over a certain age has the right to vote was like openning Pandora's Box. Once you give the parasite class the vote there is no viable way to take it from without the use of force. We now have most Americans getting some form of federal aid so the chance the voters are going to turn out the politicians who give them bread and circuses is just about nil.
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    The other middle east countries and those of the ilk of Obama will not be happy until Israel is pushed into the sea. (The elimination of Israel and retaking every inch of Israel is part of the Charter of the so-called non-country of Palestine.)
  18. just goes to show what 60 years of liberal indoctrination in public schools can achieve.:upeyes:

    edit, I am agreeing with you, I'm talking about those dumb enough to vote for the socialist destroyer.
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  19. I suppose indoctrination into a rigid and inflexible leftist ideology could be indistinguishable from stupidity...

  20. How can there be any peace when all the Palestinians want to do is kill the Israelis?
    Giving them this land would just make it easier for the Arabs to attack them.
    Obamanation is an idiot and an embarrassment.
    I still think Oprah bought and paid his way into the white house.
    How else could some unknown guy with no back ground become president?
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