Would you turn yours in?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by SC_Dave, Nov 9, 2012.

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    Well firstly, the Aussies do not have a 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. Secondly, there were not 600 million firearms down under. There are probably more firearms in one large US City than there ever was on the whole Continent down under.

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    Where did you get that number?

  3. Not. Going. To. Happen. In. The. USA. EVER.

    'nuff said.
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    My guns are wrapped in the Constitutiuon. 'Nuff said.
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    In the 1770s, it was mostly BYOG (bring your own gun). They didn't have email or even phones. Yet, somehow they managed to defeat the most powerful military force on the planet (England). And, they did it with small arms.

    'nuff said. :supergrin:
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    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B1Qx0cTze0M&feature=my_favorites&list=FLE3IbuOFsaxHXvY44DYOt6w"]Hurricane Katrina Firearms Confiscation - YouTube[/ame]
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  7. But what happens if not everyone sees things from the view of the militia? Because it is no longer the colonial era it might be a bit quicker for the government side to muster up some reinforcements, you know, since they don't have to get a letter on a sailing ship to Great Britian.
  8. I haven't read back through the entire thread, but before the paranoia gets too out of hand (okay, well, maybe it's too late for that), does anyone want to explain how, at least for the next two years, they'd get this thing through the House? Feinstein can do whatever the hell she wants, but it isn't becoming law.
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    on Katrina:

    This act was not enacted by the Federal Gov.. It was a mis-step taken in one city by local LEO's. This act was condemed most Many STates have taken steps to enact laws to prohibit it happening in the future. Katrina confiscated firearms have been returned and its simply not in the same Universe as a Nation Wide gun confiscation.
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    The standard responses are:

    1. Executive order.

    2. It will happen in 2 years when the Democrats control the house.

    3. A SCOTUS Justice will be a appointed that tips the balance to the liberal side and some case will come before them where it somehow results in a huge anti gun and anti 2A ruling.

    None of the responses seem very good, if you ask me, for a variety of reasons.
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    If you've read your history, you'd know that not everyone was onboard with the militia back then, either. There were plenty of British sympathizers.

    There is no government force that could defeat the mulit-millions of armed citizens. And, it will take ANY government, even today, MUCH longer to muster up a (larger) standing army. Look at how long it takes our modern government to do ANYTHING. It takes the citizens NO TIME by comparison.

    History is on our side... in a BIG way. We've done it before. We could do it again, and even better than before. We are far better equipped than they were then. When you consider the dearth of resources back then, the accomplishments of the Patriots are truly stunning.
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    Ummm.... on what authority can you declare that the confiscated firearms were returned??? To my knowledge that is simply NOT true. NONE of the confiscated firearms were recorded. No receipts were given to the victims of this 4A infringement. No cataloging was done. Heirloom guns were taken.... again... no receipts or records. Most were thrown in damp storage only to rust. Few to none were returned, and certainly not in the condition in which they were taken.
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    Possible but not likely.
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    On what authority? I am just a guy on the internet talking with fellow gun owners about common everyday things that we all encounter and experience. I read that there was one person left from the katrina event who was still in court over a firearm and that the matter was settled. My comment was simply my impression from news that I followed for a time. I am not making any authoritive proclamation and I have no proof. This is all just friendly fruitful debate between fellow gun owners. At least that is how I intended my comments to be taken.
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  15. I guess some people think the resistance militia will be huge; others, perhaps not quite as convinced.
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    Its the typical concensus as of the late 90's. and no, I cant prove it.
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    1. Project Mayhem

    You really only have three options...

    Butt molestation.
    Going down swinging.

    Going down swinging would be my best option.

    If you are surrounded. It's time for the blaze of glory.

    As for the second or third. I am never without a firearm for defense. Wife, children, any other innocence would be free to leave if they didn't burn us alive first.

    Again though.

    I hope to God I am not forced hurt anyone. It is not my intention to foment insurrection or the killing of anyone.
    I will not however give up my legally purchased property without a fight.
  18. Weren't we in the canoe together when it turned over in that deep lake, what was the name of that lake again, I can never remember . . .
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    Hmmmm... From what I've read (admittedly some time ago), it was "impossible" to return the guns, because they had no records of the owners. The confiscations were by force and no receipts were given. I also read articles (with photos) of rusted piles of guns that had been confiscated.

    Just ran a search. Nothing of recent vintage. But, in this article, very few had been returned. And, getting your gun back required you to PROVE that it's yours with a receipt that includes the serial number. How many people have those receipts? Of those that DID have receipts, how many were lost in the storm damage?

    So, the police did NOT give receipts, nor did they do any sort of record keeping about the owners.

  20. I highly doubt that we would ever see a national door to door round up of firearms. If we did then I'm sure that some people would put up a fight. We would see some instances of gun owners being killed when the collectors (govt) came, but I'm sure we would also see some dead on the govt side when people realized they didn't stand a fair chance against heavily armed forces and started resorting to guerrilla warfare via explosives or ambushes.

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