Would you turn yours in?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by SC_Dave, Nov 9, 2012.

  1. jdavionic

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    Nah..."it ain't going to happen" :rofl:

    Yea, okay. Has it happened before? Yes. Katrina should be a good example.

    Is there momentum for making it happen now? Yes, both party members have indicated that further gun restrictions are something that "should be" tackled. And when there is another mass shooting, you will see an acceleration.

    Do I expect them to knock on doors when the laws change or treaty is signed? No. However I do expect that you'll be told to turn them in or you will be deemed a criminal. If you then take them to the range, post about your vast collection, order parts for them, etc, you may then get a knock on the door. If you use them in self defense, you will be convicted of the respective crime. If the government expands enough to check on ownership, you may receive threatening calls or letters.

    So, no...I don't see door-to-door searches. However I see you being put in a position where you either curl up in the corner and be quiet about them or you will be deemed a criminal.

    Enjoy, America...this is the change you voted for. :wavey:

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  2. I have never fired a 10mm (to scared to myself) but I hear they are basically small nuclear projectiles :supergrin:

  3. Clutch Cargo

    Clutch Cargo Amsterdam Haze

    I'd have asked him why he was working in a GUN STORE (before I had him fired for screaming at me)
  4. Easy. Just change the law and tell the dealers to send them in or go to jail. Most will send them in. The ones that don't won't be that many, especially after a few have been publicly made examples of.

    Any dealer that has gone out of business in the last 20 years, has sent them in already, or the ATF has already paid them a visit.

    And they aren't going to believe all those face to face gun sales any more than they will believe all those tragic boating accidents, if you don't have some good documentation. May be a few isolated sales, but dozens or hundreds. Nothing else they will get you for being a dealer without a license.
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  5. Bruce M

  6. The ATF is already doing this. One local gun store has taken the ATF to court over them demanding complete access to their records. The LGS won in court. It makes me proud to spend my hard earned dollars there but also makes me wonder how many other FFL's have caved in to the ATF and provided records.


    Bob's sued a second time when the ATF demanded all records of third party transfers.
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  7. Sporaticus

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    That's the way they are at that particular store. The owner and other clerks heard it, but they just didn't care. Maybe they thought I was a democrat. The more he screamed about Obama banning guns, the more panic and fear the other customers felt, the more they bougth. It was all about creating a panic to separate us from our money.

    The clerks at that store will lie their ass off about something, and when you tell them you know better, they lie some more and get all pissy. I don't buy there any more. I don't think I've been there since.
  8. Jason D

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    I will never in my life turn over my legally purchased property.
    I am more than willing to protect what I have, by violence if necessary.

    I have never harmed a person in my life. I hope to never have to. I will not however be pushed.
  9. Wait a minute...isn't this site "Clock Talk?"
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  10. Cole125

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    Pass the tin foil hats folks! :rofl:

    If the government tried to take peoples guns it would be Civil War #2, and your kidding yourself if you think otherwise.

    First think of all the guys in this country who own a AR or AK, and then think of the number that would use them before handing them in. We are talking hundreds of thousands!
  11. The_Gun_Guru

    The_Gun_Guru Ban Democrats!!

    You are not alone:wavey:

  12. Why do the voters in CA keep re-electing her? If a Senator from FL tried that, he would be voted out the next election. Bill Nelson ran for Governor of FL on a gun control ticket and lost.
  13. I am a vet, a firefighter, a paramedic, and a very proud American. I love my guns and my bourbon, try to take either and we will have problems. This country was built on us defending our family, our homes, our country and our rights. When I swore in I swore to defend our country against foreign AND domestic, and I intend to.

    Austin via o hub
  14. The_Gun_Guru

    The_Gun_Guru Ban Democrats!!

    I'm not a soldier nor a vet but I will defend this country against a tyrannical government with no hesitation....PERIOD!!!

    There are a lot of Americans just like me, but they won't tip their hand the way we do on this forum, and that's okay because they will be there when we need them.

    To those that don't believe there are patriots on this forum....You could not be more wrong!!!

  15. Here's some food for thought. All you guys with your CCW permits you are so proud of are low hanging fruit for any serious confiscation efforts. Who do you think they will start with?

    Not trying to start anything, but just something to think about.
  16. redbaron007

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    Why do we need guns? :yawn:


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    We don't want your food. Get the hell out outta here.:rofl:

  18. I want to belive this statement but unfortunately I do not.

    To me I've come to the conclusion that law enforcement for the most part are mindless drones that will follow any order or unjust law and the military is no different. Sorry guys I don't mean to cop bash, I really dont. That's just reality.

  19. San Francisco and the city of Los Angleles have a huge population of completed idiots.
    We are outnumbered.
  20. Really, what are the odds that the government will erase the second ammendment?
    I hope never. I doubt it would be an easy thing to do.

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