Would you REALLY shoot federal agents if they come for you?

Discussion in 'The Furball Forum' started by Jamesey, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. We've all heard the 2nd Amendment is for resisting a tyrannical government and many of us have thought (fantasized?) about what we would do if they come for our guns. This seems more likely to happen given the actions of our current administration

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  3. *crickets chirping*

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    Crickets evacuating.....
  5. OK, that was obviously an incomplete post as well as an incomplete thought. Here's the rest of it:

    Perhaps it won't come to a literal gun confiscation. Perhaps it'll be IRS agents coming to collect the ObamaCare "fine" you've refused to pay, or agents coming to take you to the doctor for your mandatory annual wellness check even though you feel fine. Maybe you refused to answer certain intrusive questions ("when was the last time you had sex and with whom?") on your last office visit. Or perhaps the medical premium for the coming year has doubled and you simply CAN'T PAY IT. Or some other reason that has caused you to ping on the feds' radar. Whatever the reason, 20-30 armed and armored officers are closing in on your home, car, etc., and your BS meter says there's no justifiable reason for such a show of force. What do you think you would do?

    Unless I'm way off base, this is the very reason so many have collected AR's, AK's, and lots of ammo--to resist an oppressive, abusive, unconstitutionallly acting government. There have already been small scale demonstrations of police state mentallity during "emergencies" like natural disasters, manhunts for dangerous suspects (Boston bombers) and I don't think I'm stretching credibility to think that it could happen during the next 3 years (or more?) of our current administration. I have idly thought about what I would want to do versus what I could actually do if they ever came to my door. Here are my thoughts, FWIW.

    I would WANT to grab what guns I have and engage the intruders as they came thru the door. The likelihood that I would survive is very low. I'd be outnumbered, outgunned, and outrained. I might take a few out before they cut me down but that's all.

    If by some miracle I were to prevail, the next question becomes: WHAT NOW?? I obviously can't stay there; reinforcements will be coming soon. I could snatch some genuine assualt weapons and ammo and try to run, but to where?? I'm just John Q citizen; I don't have a safehouse somewhere else. Should I use my car? No, they know what I drive. Take one of theirs? Probably has gps tracking, and they'd notice one of their vehicles missing within minutes. I could ditch whatever vehicle I use a short distance away and casually walk away....but what about the 2-3 M4/MP5's I just procured?? That would stand out in a crowd. If only I had grabbed a black gear bag before I left!! And I still have nowhere to go, to hide!!!

    This is about as far as the action movie in my mind gets. Unless I'm already part of an unorganized citizen militia group (I'm not) I would have no coherent idea of what to do next. Defending myself against 1 or 2 criminal thugs is one thing; resisting 1 or 2 dozen (or more) government thugs is quite another. As the Borg of Star Trek lore would say, Resistance is Futile....or at least it seems to be.

    Assuming the administrator lets this post stand, what thoughts do any of you have?? If nothing else it could make for interesting storytelling.
  6. What would I shoot them with? All my guns were lost in a tragic boating accident.
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    No way, but they can't take what I don't have :dunno:
  9. My thoughts are it's one of the stupidest questions and answers I have seen in a while.

    Anyone have that "it's a trap" image?

    I am also insanely surprised this thread still exists. Especially after the OP's post.
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  10. Oh crap the NSA was able to read my post before the edit.
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  11. ever think about asking that question over at the du? sure would give the nsa boys something to read.
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    Another apex predator post.
  13. F350

    Yea, right! Like I'm going to answer that on an open forum probably monitored by every alphabet agency of the federal government.
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    Dude, you have it all wrong. We collect these weapons to shoot little brown welfare mongers and their grubby little shoeless, diaperless offspring when the .gov finally can't pay for them anymore. :upeyes:
  15. DU won't even let me sign on, guess they check ID's for voting purity.
  16. MATLOCK-G21

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    martial law!

  17. [​IMG]
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  18. something about a box, stick, string and bait comes to mind.
  19. You are the reason we have the 4473...
  20. :agree:
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  21. Thank you.
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