Worst MOS?

Discussion in 'US Military Services' started by ArodJohns, Nov 17, 2008.

  1. What is the worst MOS in the military?

    If you guys (or gals) who have experience in this wouldn't mind, which branch and what made it so bad?

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  2. Depends on what you want? 11B (Infantry) could be the best or worst depending on what you look for in a job.

  3. In the Navy is has to be a striker, an enlisted individual who has not chosen an NEC (Navy-speak for MOS), and is loaned around to several shops to see what they have an interest or inclination in, then get OJT, then sent to A school. Sounds good, but they often end up as a deck ape and chipping paint. My other thought is any one of the food service/mess NECs/MOSs. They are so valuable and work their collective butts off, but get little respect. An old Chief told me to make friends with the mess cranks. I did. What sage advice.
  4. I had a friend in the Corp who primary job was to locate and identify personal that were KIA. I think that's the worst job I ever heard of in the Marines.
  5. Anything other than an 03xx MOS.
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    I think graves registration would be pretty bad.

    But, there really is no BAD MOS. It is what you like that matters.
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    In the USMC, the worst would have to be 1369.
  8. While not actually a "worst" MOS, I've heard that it is any Soldier, who is not Airborne qualified, getting assigned to an Airborne unit right out of school. Talk about "low man" on the totem pole.
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    I was wondering how long it was gonna take. :supergrin:

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