Worst Locations Post-SHTF

Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by DaveG, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Seems to me, the worst thing one could do post SHTF would be either heading to the panic stricken mass of bodies which will be the local super Walmart... or to get on the interstate which will undoubtedly just be a gridlocked route full of desperate impatient people.

    I was thinking of this earlier, and it adds all the more reason to just stay put, should something happen.

    Thoughts? Any other "worst locations"?

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  2. Washington DC

  3. "Fixed fortresses are a monument to the stupidity of man." - Gen GS Patton.

    Nothing wrong with prepping, but there is a point where you WILL be forced by some circumstance to vacate your permanent dwelling. For the suburbanites that are stockpiling years of food, you better have a bug out plan! History does not support the bug in plan... refugees are the norm in any conflict.
  4. Love these kinds of posts. What *kind* of SHTF? Let's start there.
  5. I'd go all Hunger Games and head for the woods.

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  6. Lets say, widespread natural disaster. Large earthquake for example. Something which would hinder routes of transport, electricity, and supply chains for hundreds of miles.
  7. Travelling, in any major city - away from all of your stuff and resources.

  8. So true.

    What amazes me is that people come here and ask questions as they did. I often wonder; 'Do they live their daily life like this?' Do, they use the term like SHTF as if there is only one? I can not see such people as good preppers. Good preppers pay attention to the details.
  9. That is the WHAT, how about the:
    -WHEN (winter,summer, etc),
    -WHERE (NYC, Key West Fl, Nome AK, ?),
    -WHO (city dweller in high rise, suburban in ranch home, rural on farm, etc)
    -HOW MUCH - what resources does the prepper have?
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  10. lawman800

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    Initial stages bug in but wait and see before bugging out because getting caught up in the panic of the initial flight of the masses does nobody any good other than get yourself killed.
  11. I've wondered about that question before. I live right next to the worlds largest military complex. Would I be safer here or worse off? Is this place a fortress or a target?
  12. The worst place to be?

    Any large city, or a suburb surrounding a large metropolitan area;

    Too many people, not enough resources.
  13. +1 to this ^
  14. After the SHTF, I'm headed to Walmart!
  15. Bren

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    The correct answer.
  16. Cart before the horse.

    Prescribing a cure before diagnosing the disease.

    Typical GT response - Fire, Aim, Ready

    All that doesn't work here in the Survival/Preparedness Forum - we're smarter than that.
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  17. That's the truth.
  18. Depends on the scenario. In even a limited nuclear war I would get as far away from there as possible.
  19. lawman800

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    Way too simple to answer right off the bat like that.

    What kind of complex? Armory? Air Base? Port? Depot?

    Also, what is the level of access there? One road? Open roads? Limited access roads?

    Are you in the zone where someone who wants to hit the base would hit you as collateral damage? What if they quarantine you and you can't get in the base? You're SOL just like anyone else.

    What if the military wanted to cordon off themselves and do a scorched earth around a perimeter so they can clear the path all around for their security? You might be collateral damage too.

    Too many variables.
  20. Anywhere where you are tired, cold, hungry, distracted, in danger, sick, without a companion(s), thirsty, unfamiliar with the area, a prisoner or where people are unfriendly. That about covers it.

    OP - one size does not fit all.

    You can probably guess what most people are going to do -
    1. run home;
    2. run to school to pick up the kids;
    3. hit the liquor store/drug store;
    4. hit the grocery store;
    5. join the congestion on the freeway.
    6. get weak within a couple of days from a lack of water or food;
    7. start fires that quickly get out of control (fire doesn't discriminate between urban structures and the dear, safe woods, wheatfields, or cabins under pine trees.)
    8. get sick from bad water.

    So long as you:

    1. have the ability to go to ground in place for a few days;
    2. anticipate how you will deal with fire at home (roofline sprinklers, dispose of trash, cut trees overhanging roofs);
    3. have water and a way to clean water;
    4. have companions;
    5. have plans;
    6. have basic life necessities for you;
    7. have a modicum of food;
    8. and a means of backup transportation like a bike,
    you have dealt with shtf.

    Every football game is tied at the kick off. So is survival when shtf. The person who has skills, physical health, mental conditioning and some equipment will be up the food chain and the survival chain.:wavey:

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