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Discussion in 'The Cutting Edge' started by LeathelM, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. I'm really green when it comes to owning a decent knife. I'm looking for a really good 3" folder in the 100$ range. Right now I just have a buck 3 blade folder, doesn't hold an edge worth it's weight in scrap. I want the knife to have a good lockup, no play side to side and hold an edge. I appreciate everybody's help

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  3. I think I paid $60 for my SOG Aegis and it holds an edge very well. It's a flat ground blade and the steel isn't the absolute hardest on the market (AUS8 I think) but I've been beating the crap out of mine daily for nearly 5yrs and its still going strong. I like the fat belly on it.

    also sold with a black finish on the blade as well as in tanto configurations and with a serrated option for both blade types.

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  4. Check out Benchmade's Griptillian. You can also have them customized, a little more than $100 for those though also there are a lot of Spyderco fans, they have good knives also with lots of blade steels. Check craigslist and backpage in your area for people reselling something.
  5. Step up slightly to a Paramilitary 2 and don't look back. TREMENDOUS everyday carry / work knife.
  6. 1. application;
    2. occupation;
    3. right or left handed;
    4. any medical infirmities;
    5. daily usage or occasional;
    6. carry position - strong side, weak side, horizontal, vertical, inside the pants, pants pocket;
    7. clothes normally worn;
    8. expected lifetime of the knife;
    9. experience in sharpening?

    There are a whole range of knives under $100. Example, I received 3 packages in the mail this afternoon. I picked up the $14 plus tax uncatalogued Ka-Bar 2823 at the front door and opened the packages. The knife is completely functional. Conversely, I just reached down in the drawer and pulled out the under $70 used Emerson Commander I bought last month on eBay, and it could have done the same job.

    So, why don't you answer the preliminary questions and people can provide you with some thoughtful responses.
  7. ZT 0350 buy a blem if your budget requires, you won't be disappointed with it.
  8. Another vote for the Grip. If you want something a little smaller I also like the Mini-Grip.
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  9. I have 2 different Griptilians....great carry knives. Not so expensive that you're afraid to use them.
  10. Well I run a small( only me) oil field services business so use would be cutting rope to cutting shielding off of wire, opening boxes. I am right handed and it would be an every day use. I wear fire retartdend jeans and long sleeve shirt every day. I just got really sick of sharpening my buck knive every morning
  11. The next ? Would be the point drop, spear, tanto. I don't like serrated blades. I have a hard time stripping wire with them.
  12. Darned good suggestion, I forgot about those. A nice used Spyderco Gayle Bradley would also be superb.
  13. Here is a video on using the wire cutters on a leatherman wave.
    [ame=""]How I strip wire using the the Leatherman Wave! - YouTube[/ame]

    Mini grip or full size grip without serrations.

    Proper carry sheaths for both.

    Buy used on eBay.
  14. Well I just picked up a new bench made griptillian with plain edge sheepsfoot blade. Spent 85$ and couldn't be happier
  15. Excellent choice! I've never had one, but a friend of mine just bought a small Pardue sheepsfoot and brought it to me to sharpen. I was impressed with it.
  16. Thank you I am really impressed. I almost spent the extra 100$ to get the bone collector with same style blade but with d2 tool steel. I will see how this one holds up first
  17. Congrats!

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