Wood on my mossberg pistol grip.

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  1. Alright I got this gun on sat. Today I traded for this wood furniture. I went to swap the fore end and it will not work. I'm guessing I need the ribbed style wood forend (so if anyone has one they can let go please let me know!). But if there is a way to make this work please let me know. This is a beutiful set and would live to use it. Below is pics of the gun, the furniture and the problem.

    And if anyone has the ribbed style I would love to get it from you. Or swap my whole synthetic forearm assembly for your wood assembly.

    Thanks in advance for any help folks!



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  3. I have the same gun but with a breacher barrel and 6 round tube. Wife ordered a nice set of wood furniture off of e-bay and it all fit perfectly. I don't think you need a ribbed fore grip. It just needs to be specifically for a Mossberg 500. Your fore grip looks like it might have come off of a semi-auto.

  4. http://www.havlinsales.com/

    You probably need a different fore end slide assembly. Looks like you have the 7 5/8" version and need the 6 1/2" one.

    Click the button that says modern shotgun parts.
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  5. Yea after doing alittle digging last night I realized that's what I need.

    I was hoping I might come up up with a cheaper option but I don't think so.

    Thanks for the link!

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