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Women's shooting events and classes at the Livingston Gun Club

Discussion in 'Michigan Glockers' started by fiddler, Oct 26, 2007.

  1. fiddler


    Jan 9, 2004
    Livingston Gun Club will be hosting the following women’s events in cooperation with K&M Tactical Response Academy. This is a great opportunity for women to get out and shoot and/or take a class with other women in a non threatening atmosphere with knowlegable, experienced instructors. These courses will be run by a woman from a woman's perspective.

    We just had a great steel shoot last Saturday. We had a few new shooters who started out very intimidated and left wanting more. We also had some more experienced shooters who were challenged by the steel and the timer, and they were begging to shoot the Texas Star again. The steel shoots offer something for every level of shooter. We still have openings in the following events.

    NRA Basic Pistol for Women
    November 10

    Deer Hunting Widow’s Steel Shoot
    Beginners welcome! There will be basic instruction at 9:30 for new shooters and those who would like a review.
    November 17

    Women's CCW/CPL Class - NRA Personal Protection in the Home
    December 8

    Mention this post and save $10 on the basic pistol or cpl class! Sign up with a friend and you both save an additional $10! Classes are filling up fast!

    Class fee includes the following.

    Class related materials
    range and legal fees
    free optional handgun rental

    Students must purchase their own ammunition. Ammunition is availabe for purchase at the range.

    Ammo count - minimum of 100 rounds We do extra drills as time allows, so extra ammo is a good idea.

    Please visit our website or email me for more details or to enroll.

    Email to enroll.
  2. fiddler


    Jan 9, 2004
    For those women who are not busy hunting in the next few weeks, we have openings for the women's steel shoot at the Livingston Gun Club on Saturday, Nov. 17, and a Women's CPL (CCW) class on Dec. 8. This is a great opportunity to get out and shoot handguns and/or train with other women with female instructors. We specialize in instruction for women and beginners, so even if you have never fired a handgun before, we will put you at ease and bring you up to speed in a safe, non threatening atmosphere. We also have free handgun rentals for those who need them.

    For those with more experience shooting, there is something for everyone at the steel shoot.

    For more information, send me an email at or check out the K&M Academy or Livingston Gun Club website.