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  1. I've been picking up a box here and there of Wolf Military Classic FMJ in anticipation of paying off my Draco AK...all of the boxes so far have NOT had the rounds and primers that show the red sealant...one of the boxes I got todays DID have the red sealent and was labelled Mil Spec...so, whats the deal? Are there two versions of MC floating around? I Googled this but couldn't find anything..........
  2. Could be different production runs? I've got quite a bit of the MC wolf in HP and FMJ and all of it has the red sealant.

  3. I have noticed that too. They both fire so I don't pay much attention to it.
  4. May have to do with "polymer" sealant vs. lacquer. The ones with the red may be earlier production lacquer sealant.

    Should be fine- just don't drop in water-- goes for both.

    There is much confusion about the various lines of Wolf, and Bear ammo. I have not found any definitive descriptions of the different style packaging, and characteristics of one line vs. another.
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    I have noticed Wolf ammo cost more than the Silver Bear ammo.

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