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Wish me luck

Discussion in 'Hunting, Fishing & Camping' started by Sharker, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. I found out that the State of Florida has bought 3 islands in the river by my house. These were purchased in 2003 and since then, they have turned over the management of those islands to the Department of Parks and Recreation. I called them, and they have no information about any of the islands.

    After 45 minutes on the phone yesterday, I got ahold of a young lady who said she will see what she can find out for me regarding it. I want to hunt on it and camp on it. I figure if the state owns it and its not being used, I can treat if like public land, right?!?
    Maybe its wishful thinking.

    Man I hope so, cuz its a beautiful spot, and no one goes on it. I think I am going to check it out this weekend anyways, as apparently they know nothing about it. (atleast they didnt until I started calling about it)
    Anywho, wish me luck with all this. So far they have been extremely accomidating.
  2. Yeap I think it wishfull thinking. BUt good luck,

    Either way if it becomes a huntable management arrive, FWC will have to get involve. The comission has to set season, limits,rules, allocating funding and manpower, jurisdiction,etc..... Then migrate it into one of start of the new season for that zone.

    For example it took the state over 3 years to just allow duck hunters on a parcel of land owned by SFWMD.

    The property owner of the 3 islands you mention, will have to 1st agreed to it being open for hunting and/or camping etc.... Once you get pass that hurdle then you have the redtape and slowness of the FWC and possible others.

    it takes time my Brotha ;) and the state of flo-ri-duh is not very quick on alot of things.

  3. You are more right than I want to admit Noway. Though so far the people with the state have been extremely helpful.
    Well the latest chapter is...
    State of Fl DPR called me, they say its now controlled by Ft Clinch (a state park on the north end of Amelia Island) They didnt know they controled it until my call.
    They said I am allowed to use the property until dark. No digging (alot of ancient artifacts on all the islands around here). So I guess thats a start. I am going to it to check it out tomorrow. If there is pig sign then I am going to push hunting it further. If not then it will be a nice place to take a lady for a picnic. We want to use it to camp, but they said no go.
    Oh well.
  4. Their'sa possibility of the islands to have hogs. I heard of numerous stories down here of hogs and even deer swiming to these remote islands and or crossing when waters are low and becoming land locked.

    You might actually find a hog or two or three or four,etc.....:)

    Up in Kissco ( sp?) right south of Lake Jackson, I was on a airboat ride and we ran into a island that couldn't have been more than 30 acres maybe 40 and we found 2 hogs right at the center of the Island. Suprise the crap out of me. I had no clue they ( hog ) would be on this parcel of land. The nearest shore line was maybe 1/2-3/4 mile away.

    As far as you new spot, once it becomes huntable ( if it does ) the next hurdle is to keep it all yours ;)

    I wish you luck...... fwiw I have about 2 -3 spots I hunt that hardly anybody goes to and plan on keeping it that way as along as I can. Kinda of a Hush hush hush scenario ;)
  5. Well I checked out he island. Its a pretty big island. The tax records say 105 acres. There was very little in the way of sign until you get to the west side. We came accoss lots of tracks and some rooting. We also spooked pigs three times, but never got eyes on, (just found their tracks.)

    All the rooting was in high areas, and alot appeared to be in pine straw. Not sure what they were eating in Pine straw. There was also alot of rooting in acorns, but the acorns were so rotted you could crush them with your fingers! Not sure what thats all about.

    Some of the pig poo we saw was peppered with acorn bits. This pic is of a pile thats about 10 inches long. It was covered in little fruit fly look alikes.

    Here are a couple pics of the island. Its really nice, but there is a sign saying animals are protected, so huntings out. We did find another island that may hold some piggies though... Gonna check it next weekend when the tides are right for it. Oh and there was a bit of deer scat and tracks, but not too much. [​IMG] [​IMG]