Windage Adjustable Rear Sight

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by Burncycle, Sep 19, 2012.

  1. I have a Romanian G and was wondering if this would work as a drop in replacement for the rear sight, or if the size is different between the German/AKM and the Romanian.

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  2. It'll fit.

  3. Will this work on my IO Casar AK???? I need such a sight to correct for a canted front sight.

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  4. If it uses a standard AK rear sight block it will fit.
  5. HWI,

    If that's the case I'll check them out at the big show in AZ.
  6. If you get one please give us a report. It sounds like a good idea but once I got my front sight adjusted for windage I have never had to change it. It may not be necessary for many AKers.
  7. Got it, fits great!

    My front sight is roughly adjusted for windage (a couple inches off at ~25 yards but the nature of the front sight tool is that it's difficult and time consuming to fine tune adjustments. Maybe it's just me but I have to crank on it hard (even having to use a multi-tool for leverage) and it either doesn't seem to move at all or moves too much.

    I don't plan on actually adjusting for windage while I shoot but now it's really easy to fine tune my zero and get my POI precisely where I'd like it to be (within the limits of the rifle and my eyes of course!)
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  8. Which tool do you have? The c shaped tools can flex if the drum is in the post really tight, making windage adjustments pretty difficult.

    This will make your life easier. Pricey, but you'll never have to replace it.
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  9. lol maybe that's why I was having so much trouble, yep it was a C shaped clamp. I don't remember what brand offhand though

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