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Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by ghostriderxt, Mar 7, 2013.

  1. Hi out there; I'm a newbee to Glock Talk from Ontario Canada . I've been a a hand gun shooter for 35yrs. Anyway to the point, I bought my first Glock this week, a new Glock 22 Gen4 I took it to the range today for the first time and the gun performed flawlessly, a little getting used too after shooting 1911 platforms for a long time. Unfortunately the ammunition did not preform very well, the Winchester white box 165 grn hard ball while having acceptable accuracy had two misfires out of 150 rounds, the primers were struck hard but they did not go off. Just wondering if this is a common occurrence with this ammunition or did I just get a bad batch? I can't ever remember having a miss fire with factory ammunition after firing several thousand rounds over the years.

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  3. Winchester white box is pretty common for plinking purposes I personally shoot a lot of it just in 9 mm and have had one failure to feed in my fathers beretta 92fs that is older than I am which is the only failure my father can remember out of gun because of the brass being deformed. Shouldnt be too bad on your gun although I would suggest you stay away from bullets in steel casings even if it has the protective coating around the casing.

  4. I gave up on winchester anything some years back over the lack of quality control.
    SJ 40

  5. Ditto. :wavey:

    LASTRESORT20 LongTerm-Guy

    Never had a Problem with winchester white box "115gr" "147gr" with the G19
  7. It's supposed to be cheap, but for some reason it is always one of the most expensive FMJ range ammos where I live, if you can find it. If I am paying premium prices, I will take something else, that isn't underpowered and cheap.
  8. I have never had a problem with their 9mm, but still prefer Remington UMC for plinking. No exp with 40.

    Hows is availability up there?

    BTW Congrats on the new glock!

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  9. I bought a couple of cases of WWB 9mm about a year ago just to stock up. Both my Glocks eat it just fine. Perhaps the latest production line output has a quality problem though.
  10. The availability in Ontario for all ammo seems to be good, I haven't seen any shortages in any caliber. I hope the issues south of the border don't trickle north, but I'm sure they will. Time to stock-up while the shelves are full.
  11. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    I use WW primers for reloading. No problems so far . . . . . .:cool:
  12. Gave up on them back in 05 after they FTF at a match,I had been using them for over thirty years at that point.
    Pulled the loads after FTF out of a stock Ruger Vaquero,every thing looked fine,took a torch and even then the compound wouldn't go.

    Then shortly after that a buddy bought 400 44 magnum,new brass component brass. Between the cases that didn't have extractor groove fully cut around the circumference of the cases,the others lacked a flash hole in the primer pocket.

    If they would spent some of the thought they put into the three paragraphs on their brass component bags about quality control into actual QC they may improve it.

    I today could walk into a shop and they could have 100,000 winchester primers of all sizes and they are still out of primers,IMO. SJ 40
  13. Have not used WWB in several years. I had some problems with it and their quality control sucked. I mostly fired 9mm and at times 45ACP.
  14. Seriously?

    Seriously? U.S.A.F. Ret.

    I wouldn't use it unless I had to.

    It's dirty and usually functions why mess with it?
  15. I've had mediocre performance from WWB, and it's my last choice in ammo. Prefer Blazer as a low-priced alternative.
    The last box of WWB I opened had three different looking primers: silver colored, gold colored, and some with read sealant around the primer. Quite confusing in a new box of ammo.
    Sellier & Bellot, Remington UMC, Speer Lawmens perform well for me, with no problems.
  16. SCmasterblaster

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    Wow. WW QC is going down.
  17. Winchester white box is all I feed my G24. In the 6 months that I've owned it, I've put over 1000 rounds though it flawlessly.
  18. SCmasterblaster

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    Over a 1000 flawless rounds? That is more like it. :cool:
  19. I don't like Winchester white box USA. I stopped buying it because of poor QC on top of too many price increases. This was way before the recent panic.
  20. SCmasterblaster

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    Well, I'll have to check out the latest WWB price and quality.
  21. One of my ammo cans if full of Winchester white box. Some 1600 or so rounds. It was all bought at pre-panic price of about $34 per 100-rd box. More recently, I'm seeing it sold locally for $41/box. Sucks that the price went up, but I'm just glad to still find some on the shelf.

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