Winchester super x pump defender

Discussion in 'Tactical Shotguns' started by BigGunSmallArms, Aug 20, 2011.

  1. I recently purchased my first of hopefully many firearms, the sxp defender. Does anyone have much hands on experience with this model. I will be picking it up this week and I was wondering if there was anything I need to do as far as lubeing or any other preventive maintenance before I take it out to the range? I feel stupid asking but just want to make sure I'll have it for a longtime to come.

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  2. Well I got it a few weeks back and love it. A few hundred shells later and I'm just itchin to put more through it. Surprised by the lack of interest in this gun. I guess only time will tell. But if you get the chance to shoot one give it a shot you might just like it.

  3. I'm looking for my first "home defense style" shot gun...and one came up for sale (used) $250.

    Seems like a lot of gun for the money (the guy bought it for $312 +tax).

    I was mostly considering a Mossberg, but as you have mention there just isn't a lot of talk on this particular shotgun.
  4. That's a great deal got mine for around 340 out the door so I'm not complaining. Have you been to the range yet an if so how do you like it?
  5. I haven't bought it. It does seem like a great deal, but I'm still leaning more towards a Mossberg (lot more accessories out there).

    I'll let you know if I do get it and report back.
  6. Yeah the accessory thing is a big loos for the Winchester only a few things out there but if it's for hd then there's not to much you really need to do but my advise would be get the one you really want if you settle you'll regret it in the long run no matter what anyone says it's about what works for you l.o.p., balance, accessories if need be, feel and comfortable controls for you good luck on your search.
  7. I picked one of these up earlier this year for $285.. put probably 300 rounds through it ranging from target loads, to buckshot, to 3" slugs.. never had a problem with anything. Definately the hardest kicking shotgun I've fired to date with the slugs in it. I did what the manual said and disassembled it and lubed what it showed to lube, but I haven't done much else. Agreed that it would be nice to have a bit more of an aftermarket accessories choice, but for what I bought it for it's perfect.
  8. The recoil was a bit more than I expected my dad has some older shotguns with with solid oak furniture and they have very light recoil in comparison. But I did enter a skeet turny this last week got some funny looks showing up with an 18" barrel but I didn't take last place pretty decent for my first time I was blown away by how fast the birds were thrown sence I have only used a tire mounted launcher before. But as it is my hd gun I am very happy with it performance and just enjoyed getting some practice with it
  9. I've been thinking about picking up a SXP Defender, has anyone tried putting a stock made for the 1300 on one? Particularly interested in if the Knox SpecOps stock will work with the SXP.

    Edit: After looking at pictures of both the 1300 and the SXP, it appears that the stock and receiver are joined together differently on the SXP, so I'm assuming that 1300 stocks won't fit the SXP.
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