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Win XP - Task Bar questions

Discussion in 'Tech Talk' started by Douglas in CT, May 19, 2005.

  1. Douglas in CT

    Douglas in CT Millennium Member

    I am not sure what is going on.
    (So what else is new?) ;)

    On the RIGHT side of the Task Bar (next to the Time Stamp), I see various things that I would expect.

    On the LEFT side of the Task Bar, between two sets of vertical off-set arranged dots are other applications.

    1) How do I remove applications on the RIGHT side?

    2) What is the purpose of showing applications on the LEFT side?

    3) Do these applications on the LEFT side slow down the machine?

    4) How do I remove these applications on the LEFT side, should I so desire?

    Thank you.
  2. fastvfr

    fastvfr Ancient Tech

    Mar 28, 2001
    SW Oregon
    Sounds like the Language Bar to me. It holds a translated version of the entire OS in it, so it can indeed slow your machine. Unless needed, disable it.

    The Task Tray (next to the clock) are icons for SOME of the things running in the background. Turn off as many of these as possible as well; the apps can be started from their Shortcuts.

    To turn them off, you'll need to open Start> Run> and type msconfig, then press enter.

    A window will appear; select Selective Startup and then click on the Startup tab, in the upper-right corner.

    UN-Check as many things as you know you don't really need...I leave on the startup for avast! antivirus, nVidia Control Panel and a couple of other apps on most machines (like WinDVD Player, SpyBot S&D Tea-Timer and Motherboard Monitor, for instance) and turn off anything else.

    If this does not speed up the machine appreciably, then some HIDDEN stuff is probably running in the background. Spybot, Ad-Aware and other apps will help with that problem.

    If, however, you were referring to the Quick Launch, by the Start Button, then just R. Click the Task Bar and select Toolbars, then untick Quick Launch...

    Good luck!

  3. Toyman


    May 6, 2003
    West Michigan
    The thing on the left side of the taskbar that you mention is the Quick Launch Toolbar. It's just a holder for shortcuts, and doesn't use any system resources or slow things down (those programs aren't actually running).

    You can drag and drop shortcuts onto/off of it if you want, saves time and effort of going to the start menu to launch stuff.

    You can hide it if you want, or move it somewhere else. Simply right click on the taskbar and uncheck "Lock the Taskbar", you should then see a drag gripper on the left of it. Drag and drop it somewhere else if you want. (You can even dock it to the side of a screen, that's what I do)

    OR, simply right click on the taskbar, select Toolbars -> Quick Launch to hide/show it - you'll see other toolbars there as well.

    P.S. The time stamp area as you call it is called the system tray.
  4. Douglas in CT

    Douglas in CT Millennium Member

    Thank you both so much! ^c^c
    Those comments were greatly appreciated. :)
  5. troyboy30


    Aug 6, 2003
    Smyrna, GA
    using selective startup and msconfig is not really the proper way to get rid of those items. It would be better to open each program and find the remove item from taskbar option. If for some reason you cant find it use regedit/software/microsoft/windows/current version/run to remove startup items.