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Wilson Mag for my Kimber????

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by Jamie_s_72, Jan 17, 2010.

  1. Jamie_s_72


    Dec 14, 2009
    I had a guy tell me that I needed to dump my Kimber mags and go with Wilsons. My Kimber is the Ultra Carry II with CT grips. Can some give me a model # of what Wilson mags I need to get. Is this even true? Whats the benefit?
  2. Wolfgang

    Wolfgang Millennium Member

    Oct 6, 1999
    i have found wilson no better or worse than other mags, as long as the other mags are not junk.

    ed brown, novaks, act, wolff, kimber, checkmate, metalform, wilson have all worked for me.

    some work better in certain guns than others....Colts, Kimber, Springfield are my 1911, with 4 and 5 in models.

  3. FLIPPER 348

    FLIPPER 348 Happy Member

    Oct 7, 2000
    Bend Oregon
    No, it's not true, the Kimber mags are fine. Does this 'guy' even know who makes Kimber mags? have you tried the Kimber mags yet??

    The best mags for your 1911 are the ones it likes.
  4. I have an Ultra too and am very anal about mags. I have found that the Kim-Pro Tac Mags are flawless. The factory mag has also been trouble free but the followers on the Tac Mags are superior. Ignore you friend, get some Tac Mags fro Cabelas, kimber or a ton of other sources. My three Wilson's all had problems with the base plates slipping off with daily pocket carry the Tac mags have not.
  5. zdragon23c

    zdragon23c s&w&me

    Dec 23, 2007
    my UCII had absolutely no issue with factory mags or KimProtag officer mags. i got rid of all 3 of my Wilson OXCs as a matter of fact.
  6. cdunn


    Mar 5, 2008
    falls church,va
    my Kimber only worked with kimber mags.
  7. MPJC


    Mar 2, 2002
    South Riding, VA
    My Raptor works flawlessly with the issued mags from Kimber although I have a few Wilson Mags to compliment.
  8. L-2


    Nov 19, 2001
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2011
  9. Jason D

    Jason D INFRINGED Silver Member Millennium Member

    Jun 16, 1999
    Mivonks, MI
    I find the newer Kimber magazines to be very good.
    They are good enough, that I paid out the 24.00 apiece for two of them a couple weeks ago.

    I have not had good luck with Wilson magazines, specifically the 47D's. I would take just about any other well built brand over them.
  10. I use kimpro work great.
  11. Oaklands


    Nov 25, 2009
    +1 on the KimPro
  12. slewfoot

    slewfoot Random Mayhem

    May 13, 2007
    S.E. Pa
    I had all kinds of problems when I bought a Kimber Ultra Raptor II. Failure to feed and no slide lock back on the last round. I switched out the Kimber mags for some Wilson mags. Problems solved.

    This was a couple of years ago. Can't say for sure if Kimber solved their mag problems or not.
  13. vikingsoftpaw

    vikingsoftpaw DEPLORABLE ME!

    Aug 29, 2009
    Willoughby, Ohio USA
    The magazine follower in Wilson's mags is better suited for non-ball ammo vs. Kimber's factory mag which is of military design.
  14. I like Colt factory mags which are made by a company called Shooting Star. I also like Chip McCormick power Mags (which are also Shooting Star's but fitted with his extra power mag springs). They also have welded base plates so you don't have to worry about them coming off.

    I've never had an issue with either of my two Colt's. The secret is in the follower. You can go to Brownells and buy the McCormick spring and follower for 15 bucks.
  15. MD357


    Jul 13, 2008
    There's a reason Wilson mags are pretty much an industry standard, whereas "Kimpro" mags are not.

    Also, if there are ever ANY problems with your mags, Wilson will replace them for free.
  16. okie

    okie GT Mayor

    Oct 28, 2001
    Muskogee Ok.
    I've had 2 bad Kimber mags, I vote to switch to either Wilson ETM or Tripp mags
  17. hdbob


    Nov 8, 2009
    Over the past couple years since I have a Kimber I have read bad things about Kimber Mags, through the various forums..... some of the problems people have had with thier kimbers have been attributed to the mags... these wilson are one of the top mags, along with the CHiP's.. I would use my kimber mags for plinking and keep the wilsons for when yuo may need to use your gun..