Will TulAmmo 45 ammo Damage my Glock 36?

Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Georg of Ohio, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. I was looking at a box of TulAmmo 45 ammo for my Glock 36 (range ammo). It is about 5 buck cheaper than other range ammo, but another customer said that steel case ammo would damage the extractor on a glock. Was he correct, I would hate to save 5 bucks and damage my carry gun?

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  2. I am no expert - but from what I have read -

    It will wear your extractor out faster -

    So instead of lasting 50,000 rounds it will only be good for 45,000.


  3. ^^^^^

    What he said.

    Well, even if it did wear a bit faster, how may boxes will it take before it wears out at 5 bucks savings per box? Hundreds and hundreds. How many extractors will that buy? :)

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  4. Warp


    TulAmmo is find in your Glock. Go for it.
  5. i've fired thousands of rounds in my glocks, kahrs and taurus, no discernable wear. there are just as many horror stories from other brands as from tulammo. it's cheap and no worse than range quality ammo.
  6. It will wear the extractor. You will notice a large amount of split casings. And the powder is ultra weak, so you may have some FTE's and FTF's.
  7. I shoot a lot of TulAmmo and I have not had one failure of any kind. I love shooting it cause its cheap for .45ACP but its dirty!!
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    This is not my experience at all. I have shot lots of all manner of steel case ammo in my 9mm Glocks and plenty of TulAmmo in my 21SF as well. I have never had a split case and the only failures I've had were magazine related failures to feed...and even those are quite rare and happen when using crappy korean magazines with very weak springs.

    I think you are quite incorrect in claiming he "will notice a large amount of split casings", and I base this opinion on plenty of my own experience, lots of time reading and discussing on various forums, and witnessing that not-happening at ranges.
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  9. Your Glock will shoot it just fine. That doesn't mean you'll be happy with it. It's the dirtiest ammo you'll ever handle. Huge fireballs when you shoot it. The powder literally stinks. Plus, you support Russians when you buy it. If you're saving $5/box, you're buying ammo very inefficiently. Go on line and buy a 1000 round case of good brass or even aluminum cased ammo for around $300. Do you put the cheapest Chinese crap tires on your car?
  10. No, it will not damage your gun.

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  11. yeah what others have said and I'll reinforce that it stinks and the smell hangs in the air so long you end up tasting it. I won't shoot it unless I have to with a range rental.

  12. I believe you are incorrect and get good ammo. However my girlfriend makes and sells earrings. *50 or so sets per month* from split brass off tul ammo. You can buy some if you want :) , tumbled and cleaned up :) $5 a set.

    Maybe its just the batches im getting but usually per 50 rounds i get 17 or so casings that are split at the mouth, some half way down to the rim.
  13. Warp


    Poor analogy. It would be closer if we were talking about carrying TulAmmo for potential defensive use. However, we are talking about using it at the range for practice. Also, spending less money to get the TulAmmo means you get more practice (mileage) out of your $$$...really cheap tires are known for getting less mileage as they wear out more quickly.
  14. At the risk of piling on I'm going to back up what most here are saying; I've put many boxes of Tul through my 21, 30 and a LW Commander and never had a problem with it. Other than it's the dirtiest stuff you'll ever shoot, or handle. You'll have to scrub your hands with pumice after you've loaded your magazines with it and you'll have to scrub your pistols after you've shot it through them.

    Other than that, it's great target ammo.
  15. collim1

    collim1 Shower Time!

    I shot about 1k rounds of Tula .45 steel case last year out of my P220. I had a few intermittent jams, but no damage.

    Steel ammo is fine, dont listen to the gun shop hype.

    With ammo costs as high as they are these days I shoot whatever allows me the most practice for the buck.
  16. Ranges in my area have banned Tula.

    The reason given is the steal bullets are hard on the back stops. The range operator also claim to bullets are often defective with week loads causing the bullet to jam inside the barrel and resulting in a catastrophic failure on the next round. This maybe BS. :dunno:
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    Probably they are lazy and want more money for the brass cases when they collect and sell them so they don't want steel mixed in and are unwilling to sort it out.

    Or they are beyond ignorant.
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  18. Exactly they don't want to sort the steel out from the brass when they sell it.

    The case is steel, not the bullet so no harder on their backstop. It is also not prone to squibs causing a gun to blow up either. They just don't want to sort the brass and its also nice to sell some brass ammo to the guy who comes in with wolf
  19. CanyonMan

    CanyonMan In The Saddle

    If i put thousands of miles on my truck, parts begin to wear.This is common sense. Steel cases are harder on extractors and ejectors than brass.... go figure.

    It doen't matter what the masses do. Steel cases wear parts (even in the mighty Glock) faster than brass ever will.

    Do what ya want to save 'a couple pennies.....'

    Good luck amigo ! ;)

  20. Warp


    Perhaps you haven't checked commercial ammo prices recently.

    "A few pennies" it is not.

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