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Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by Mountainview, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. A few S&P authors (JR & some at Prepper Press) have recommended Wiggy's. After looking at how heavy they are I'm wondering why? I need cold weather bags and before I purchase one I wanted to make sure they were the kind to buy.

    The fact they zipper together into an Adam and Eve setup is a huge selling point for me, along with the sleep system with the two bags. I also want something durable that can get wet, so I like they aren't down. They also aren't bright colors like you would find at REI. The only thing keeping me is how much room they would take up in my pack camping or in my BOB.

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  3. The Wiggies are GREAT bags.

    The drawbacks are as you stated. Not a backpack bag.

    I prefer the military sleep system as I can customize it to weather and I LOVE the goretex bivy cover.

    They can be had online for very reasonable prices.

  4. I wonder why JR and others suggest them for S&P when they can't be carried easily?

    Anyway, do the military bags zip together? My wife is letting me spend the money on anything I want with the stipulation her bag comes with a free heater (meaning her feet on my back).
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  5. kirgi08

    kirgi08 Southern Rogue.
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    I prefer military mummies.Adapt ta meet your % ranges.'08.
  6. Can the military bags be zipped together? I'm guessing they can't since they are a mummy bag. Still probably worth getting. Maybe I'll just get the Wiggy's zero degree bag and use the FTSS money for two military bags. Best of both worlds?
  7. I have one. Its huge and heavy. When I go into the woods, its a lightweight Mountain Hardware I tote.
  8. I am not a backpacker or Grizzly Adams.

    I have a Wiggy. Love it. Had a GI one and gave to the kid across the street who is a boy scout.

    I love my comfort.
  9. Big Bird

    Big Bird NRA Life Member

    I have a Wiggy's bag and have used it for the last 5 years. Its the best sleeping bag I've used and I literally have spent years in sleeping bags. I've spent more nights in a military sleeping bag than any other combined by a long shot. The Wiggy's bag has a military sleep system beat on all fronts. I won't go into it. Just my personal observations.

    Go to Wiggy's website and watch the videos. You can believe them or not but I've found EVERYTHING the man puts out to be true to the letter.

    I love that I can wash my bag in a washing machine. I love how it works in wet weather. I have NEVER been cold in it even when the temps are in the low single digits and I have the intermediate bag.

    A sleeping bag can save your life or cost you your life. Weight matters to a degree. But a sleeping bag should not be judged on weight alone.
  10. For those who own a Wiggy's which did you go with? I'm looking at the Super Light and Ultima Thule.

    Is the FTRSS necessary with either?

    Random question, but I just saw their new TV blanket and wondered if anyone liked it? Is it the same materials as the bag? I'm wondering if that could be useful around the house or in conjunction with a sleeping bag in place of the FTRSS in some instances.
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  11. I was looking at the Super Light bags with the sleep system. If I buy one that's the one I'm getting.
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  12. UneasyRider

    UneasyRider C.D.B.

    I always had dreams about snakes in those things! My legs would fall asleep and my brain would have me dancing in a field full of snakes to get the blood flowing. I would wake up sweating big time.

    Don't need a bag here in Florida very often but you sure need to keep the bugs off when your sleeping. I like a nice tent with the rainfly lifted.
  13. Big Bird

    Big Bird NRA Life Member


    I have the super light which is actually a little too warm here in KY for 3 seasons. In the winter its just right. We rarely have sub-zero temps here. I almost always have my Army poncho liner with me and if I need an extra 10-15 degrees I can use the poncho liner inside the bag. But I have only done that once on an exceptionally cold deer hunt and it got too hot and I started to sweat so I tossed the poncho liner in short order and was very comfortable without it. Wiggy's bag ratings are spot on which is NOT something I can say about other manufacturers. You'll be impressed with the construction, the heavy duty zipper...and the insulation works exactly as described. Plus they want you to wash it in the machine...the more you clean it the better!
  14. I'm with you and am wondering if I can get by with just the Super Light and a poncho liner. The Ultima would probably be too warm except in the coldest of temperatures.
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