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  1. When I switched to magnum primers I was able to get 30,000 rounds from a pound. 20,000 with standard primers.

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  2. For those that don't know, there are 7000 grains in a pound. I know everyone saying they load 30,000 round in a pound know that as well. Some I am sure do not.

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  3. Dont go throwing facts into this.

    I also found that if I chrono facing east my bullets are faster by 348 fps because they dont have to fight the rotation of the earth. Then I can back off the powder charge even more.
  4. Yup. Glocks. So nobody cares.
  5. Shooting east and downhill you can even back off even more.:whistling:
  6. :crying:

    I care... :cool:
  7. But if you're shooting east and downhill, the slide will have to cycle west and uphill requiring our loads to be much heavier to run the slide. Won't that cancel out any advantage of easterly-downhill shooting?? :tongueout:
  8. Yep Idiot’s that don’t know how to reload keep gun manufactures in business. They screw up and of course it has to be the powder they used. Press they use. Or the unsupported chamber of a Glock or any other excuse they can come up with.
  9. Absolutely! The coriolis effect will always add a little elevation when shooting east. So you have to remember to back off on the powder.

    You probably need to add a little powder if you are shooting west.

  10. Going from 0.23 grains to 0.35 grains is pretty ballsy. I hope you got that from a manual or worked up gradually. As we've been saying, Titegroup can be tricky, please be careful.:cool:
  11. I don't know but i'm thinking counting out those grains of powder would be pretty tough , especially with my old eyes. It's also friggin' difficult to cut off that final 2/10's of a grain so ya might just round up to .5 and just cut the last grain in half. It's a pain with ball powder though but i'm sure you could rig up a small vise to hold it in place while you cut it to get more precision . But if you round up that way you better check those primers :) Man what a sarcastic bunch . Jack would be proud !!!
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    Hoser has a top-end machine for that.
  13. Never used TG, but the burn rate is similar to Bullseye which I've used with the 40. Most loads will be light. Meaning they would not emulate Self defense loads. Especially 165 grain to get them around where most of the SD loads velocity would be around 1160 fps. Can't get that with BE or TG. Need a slower powder. The best for the 40 to higher velocities I've used is Longshot, power pistol, Universal, WSF and AA #7. If shooting lead don't smoke like if I shoot BE with lead. The 40 seems to like medium burning rates. I like the WSF, Universal and AA#7 for the lower flash. If I want the highest velocities I would use Longshot. HTH
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    I use HTG extensively.
  15. 4.2 gr in a 9mm with a 115 gr jacketed bullet. I think I'm on my third 7 lb keg. However you simply must verify the powder level before seating the bullet... A careful reloader will do this anyway, regardless of the powder type.
  16. Thats no fun. It is always easier to blame something else and be the victim.
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    Load fast, take chances. It's cool.

  18. It's never been about blame but safety. It's pretty easy to argue anything that makes the process less safe, is less desirable. Sure you can reload watching tv, but it's less safe. Sure you can use TG, but it's less safe. It always comes down to the guy pulling the handle, but why handicap yourself? There are other equal & arguabley better choices.:dunno:
    Exactly, & the small volume charge is more diff to verify, hence less safe. There are better choices.
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  19. Thanks! I have some Longshot and Universal from shotshell loading, maybe I will try all three now that I have about 600 empty, cleaned, and polished cases!

    Now for boolits....
  20. Same here in 9mm.

    S.O.P., to do anything but would be stupid.

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