Why the hate?

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by RWE, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. RWE


    Seems like a lot of folks dislike Titegroup... Why?

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  3. Read the threads, it's pretty obvious but let's recap:
    Uberfast burn rate means narrow load range
    burns hotter than just about any powder
    very small volume per charge wt, means it gets lost in larger cases, too easy to double
    smokey w/ lead bullets
    sooty @ low pressure
    Pretty much covers it. The only thing it does well is be economical, but consider that powder is the cheapest part of the handgun load, it's a false economic gain IMO.:dunno:

  4. Zombie Steve

    Zombie Steve Decap Pin Killa

    That, and it doesn't have a very cool label.
  5. I don't hate it, I have found better powders to use instead of TG.
  6. It stinks too - but I like it fine.
  7. What Steve and Fred said


    One firearm lost to TG is just one too many.

    Oh the Humanity! :crying:
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  8. Boxerglocker

    Boxerglocker Jacks #1 Fan

    Not me self confessed TG whore use it for my 9mm FMJs loads :tongueout:
  9. Titegroup negatives are true. Besides all that it's a great powder. Seriously. If you just pay attention it is great for jacketed bullets.
  10. I've used it since before everyone in the Internet told me not to. I still use it, I have a light mounted over my press to verify powder in case , if anything looks wrong I recheck.
  11. It is Bloody FILTHY!!!
  12. It's simple math
    Titegroup+(careless*idiot)+(blown*up*gun) / excuses^2 = hate
  13. Zombie Steve

    Zombie Steve Decap Pin Killa

    cooper rifleslockta;19481520]What Steve and Fred said


    One firearm lost to TG is just one too many.

    Oh the Humanity! :crying:[/QUOTE]

    Good Lord, someone thought tg was a good idea in magnums...
  14. Hoser

    Hoser Ninja

    I use it in 9x19, 38 Special and 40. All with jacketed (124 JHP, 142 FMJ, 180 JHP) bullets.

    9x19 and 38 Special are loaded to low to nice mid range loads. My 40 load is straight out of the book pushing a 180 gn bullet around 950 fps. Nothing crazy.

    Good accuracy and somewhat clean burning. Clean when compared to other powders around the same burn rate.

    I like it, but I dont push it either.

    If you want rip snorting fast velocity, Titegroup is not the powder for you.

    If you want to take little micro naps when reloading, Titegroup is not the powder for you.

    I did not like it in 45 ACP, Clays or N310 for me there.
  15. Have used TiteGroup for many years. Tried different powders and have gone back to TiteGroup for 9mm. Using a good light I have no problem seeing how much powder is in the case. Plus I use a powder check. Using a 650 press with the fail safe system it is almost impossible to get a double charge.
    You want a dirty powder try REX.
  16. So is it the powders fault or is it the reloaders fault? My money is on the reloader.
  17. No doubt it's the guy pulling the handle but consider anything that causes the processs to be less safe is not a good thing. The idea of designing a powder to occupy so little space is absurd. If anything, uberfast powders should be more like TrailBoss, very high loft & one can see a full power charge in a cavernous 45colt case. Not Hodgdon's worst booboo though, that would be their names for the Clays line. Talk about confusing for noobs.:shocked:
  18. RWE


    Thanks all, I appreciate it.

    In looking at data for starting to load .40, I notice a few loads that have the same narrow load range. But Longshot spans 1.5 grains! Of the 145 powders rated, most mentioned regularly here and elsewhere for 9mm and 40 are in the top third to half in burn rate. Smoking lead? Hmmm... used something else for all those SWC in .38... Will def. consider that even though most of my shooting is outdoors.

    I have been reloading shotshell, rifle, and revolver for... a long time. Picked up loading pistol in the past few years. Have used a couple powders and want to streamline, buy fewer and larger size containers.

    I find TG clean actually, and accurate. Must be burning it all up at 4.1 grains in 9mm and .38. Maybe I am just doing it wrong.

    Looking to start on 165 or 180 grain .40 and - I don't get married to this stuff but am a believer in "if it aint broke..." That said, open to options for "better" and "why" if you don't mind. What else would work for .38, 9mm, and .40?

    Thanks again!
  19. Adjust your :tongueout: detector.

    You TG guys are even more sensitive than the Unique guys :whistling:.
  20. OK let me rephrase the OP question, what is Titegroup good for?

    I ask as I have a 1# can and a .40 and .45....

    Where do I best apply it to rid the shelf of the space consumed by this powder I already bought?

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