Why Obamacare is doomed

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by Chronos, Oct 1, 2013.

  1. The problem with Obamacare (for itself) is that it's a Ponzi scheme with no way to lure "new payers."

    It is a Ponzi scheme in the sense that, to make things affordable for the old, expensive people, they rely on young, cheap people to enter the system with a bunch of money. When those young "payers" stop paying into the system, it collapses -- or in this case, it means that rates will skyrocket to unfathomable levels to compensate for the fact that insurance companies can't treat people differently for pre-existing conditions.

    And there is no economic incentive for young people to sign up to begin with. The fine for not signing up is a small fraction of what the insurance will actually cost, and if a young person comes down with a condition and actually needs insurance, you just buy it as needed after you know about your condition -- you can't be denied.

    Thus, it is completely inevitable that rates will skyrocket to levels that will drive political action. And at this point, with Obamacare as unpopular as it is, there will be huge resistance to further collectivization. Obamacare, in the fairly near term, is doomed, no matter what. It is guaranteed to collapse.

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  3. callihan_44

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    like anything else the government does it will not be pleasant, there will of course be calls for government take over of the system...somehow libs have in mind that they walk into the hospital and receive the same kind of treatment they get today..low wait times etc..if you think insurance red tape was bad, wait till u gotta deal with a government official

  4. Chronos, you could be right. I just hate that this whole thing ever happened. But that's what happens when you have a Democrat president and a Democrat controlled House and Senate. Things like the ACA get passed.
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  5. I call on Congress to pass "Obamafair". We should insist that Congress, the White House and all their employees must abide by all aspects of Obamacare. Let's make Obamacare Obamafair. If it's good enough for us, it's good enough for them.
  6. aircarver

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  7. It is like somebody making you jump from the high building and you saying to him: "You have to jump with me"!...
    Maybe it will give some short time moral satisfaction during the flight down, but at the and you will be dead anyway...
  8. The bright side is that by forcing people to pay cash, either through ridiculous deductible or paying a penalty market driven solutions will begin to appear outside of the non-system. Prices will go down, standard of care will rise.

    Meanwhile care for those in the traditional system will deteriorate.
  9. What if Obama gets his way and the whole country has to depend on government health care and the government shuts down? To get the most bang out of the disaster, I'm sure the threat of shutting down health care would be #1 on the list. So the public would be willing to do anything to prevent that. The government would have total control over us.
  10. aircarver

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    Good Point !

    We have to stop government by CR with budgeting- never ... :steamed:

  11. So they'll just increase the cost of the fine. Obamacare is not doomed. Failed government programs gets subsidized even more. WE are doomed.
  12. Do you think that looks politically possible in the near future?
  13. barbedwiresmile

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    I wouldn't have thought Obamacare itself would have been politically possible given the majority of Americans are, and continue to be, against it. Ditto TARP. Ditto NSA domestic surveillance. What's politically impossible in modern America?
  14. ked


    you better get back in line and shut up..

    or else...

  15. Government-run Ponzi schemes are nothing new. Social Security is the biggest the world has ever seen. I don't see any reason this new one (Obamacare) is going to collapse quickly.
  16. and another hair line crack appears in the base of the dam...
  17. Diesel McBadass

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    The reason its doomed is the people hoping for healthcare will get hit with reality when there working 29 hour workweeks and getting fined for not buying healthcare they can't afford.

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  18. kimo

    I'm afraid that is wishful thinking. Even if poorly implemented it will remain once people receive the slightest benefit. It seems entitlements are forever.
  19. Obamacare is doomed because the Federal Government is running it. Medicare, Welfare, Medicaid, Social Security,.... Every benefit program they have ever started is a mess.
  20. Problem is, most Ponzi schemes require ACTUAL money from victims. The fedgov can just print more when it needs it. I think you've got a great point on where things will go south. But I also think that it'll be bailout time again when it does.

    Another problem is the sheer number of imbeciles who bleat about "free" subsidies, the "free" fedgov money for State Medicaid programs. McCroy in NC is taking so much flak from them....for NOT trusting an entity that is trillions of dollars in debt to be able to float the State a massive loan for Medicaid!

    I'm with forty. I heard radio host Phil Valentine speculated weeks ago that OBAMA would grant a delay to the induvidual mandate soon to save face. I'm pretty sure he has thrown that theory in the trash now. Obama will happily take the whole country down rather than come out and admit his "signature domestic achievement" was FUBAR from the start.

    Way I see it, there's no stopping the pain now, best we can hope for is that we make those *$#%! feel it too.
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  21. oldgraywolf

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    Those programs (and O-care) may be f.u. beyond words and fiscal disasters, but there ain't a congresscritter alive who will vote against them and get re-elected. What large scale giveaway programs have you seen ended?

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