Why most Doomsday preppers will die

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  1. Ouch.

    What so many fail to realize is that certain "ethnicites" (yes, black & Hispanics) are already sized-up in many of our country's areas.

    I don't mean a racist mentality at all, but there many places where one's "look" raises eyebrows and believe me seeing a an approaching mob in a time of SHTF in say, Vanceburg, Kentucky (population 1300) of people who don't "fit in" is asking for trouble; ALL theirs.

    So yes, the guy in the video does not have a clue.

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  2. As far as a "preppers" go, the word has been overused about as much as "tactical," "stopping power," and "zombies."

    In the real world, many of our parents and grandparents were preppers in the truest sense of the word. They raised gardens, they fattened and slaughtered their livestock, they cleared land and put in a good supply of firewood twice a year, they canned and made use of the land's resources.

    They were also keen on the use of firearms, which did not include AR's, AK's, and Glocks, BTW. My father's model 12 Winchester shotgun and S&W model 27 are as viable today as they were then, and at 83 years old, my father can still use them both VERY effectively.

    "Survival" (urban or rural) is all about mindset and has never been about what you "have" to defend what you intend to keep but about your ability and willingness to use it.

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  3. wjv


    It's all situation driven. . .

    What if someone kidnaps your 12 year old child with the intent of letting the gang "have some fun", and you get your hand on one of the thugs as they flee with your child.

    I think most people here would do [Fill in the blank with the most heinous torture you can think of] to get info on where the rest of the gang took your child. . .

    What if you knew that people had resorted to cannibalism to survive and they had grabbed your child?

    Extreme examples? Yes. . Given the most extreme situations, I think that most could be driven to extreme actions. .
  4. If we take him at face value stating he is not ready, I would venture it is safe to say he does not, but he might be able to recruit.
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    Something like the third or fourth time I've agreed with G29Reload is as many days. . . . Scary! :shocked: :wow: :shocked:
  6. quake

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    Agree, fwiw. While morals & principles don't change based on situations, the list of appropriate responses does. I'm one of the nicest people on the planet, but if you harm or attempt to harm my family, then you've given up the right to live on my planet; and I think that's completely morally & ethically defensible. (Legally may sometimes be another matter, but as you say, sometimes it's dictated by the situation.)

    But yes, if someone harms one of my family or one of the horde of little girls that for whatever reason have semi-adopted my wife and I, they'd be doing themselves a favor by committing suicide before the old oaf arrives. Because as nice a person as I am (and I'm sure this is true of many people), with the right motivation I'm completely capable of doing things that would make satan himself cringe.
  7. A 30-06 or 338 Lapua (or insert whatever rifle/scope combo you choose) in the hands of an average thug is quite limited without that individual having learned or trained the skills in which to employ the weapon effectively.

    Case in point, a friend of mine has a lot of rural property and a full 400-meter (very flat) range. Every Summer he invites shooting his shooting buddies to bring their pet rifle. He places a 5-gallon bucket full of colored water (sometimes Tannerite..woo-hoo) for target practice at just over 300 meters.

    Offhand and even prone, few shooters hit the "mark" with their first round (me included).

    My point? An untrained individual (i.e. "criminal") with the biggest/baddest rifle in the world is much less of a threat at extended distances than most would believe.
  8. What you say it true for both sides of the line.

    400 meters is 10 feet short of 1/4 mile. Now in the desert or deforested mountain area a long shot might be needed. But in a forested area a person might not even have a clear field of view for that distance. I don't think many attackers would try for a 300m shot or shots to announce their position or intentions. 200yds would be pushing it in a forested/heavy brush area.

    The other thing is this - in a desert or deforested mountain area a defender would need less people then in a forested/thick brush area due to the lines of sight. But you still need shifts and those people on watch are not helping with food production.

    The attacker has the advantage of choosing the time, place, and tactics for the attack. That can offset many of the defender's defenses.

    As the guy in the video states many preppers think their attacker is stupid - a mistake. Also, they think like the defender and not the attacker. I wouldn't take a 300m shot if I knew I couldn't make it and those with me couldn't either. So, why would I think an attacker would do it?

    It probably would be more helpful for the people here to post how as an attacker they would 'out fox' the defending prepper. Then they could think about their defenses.

    I remember a post that in the SHTF people would have small 'gift packages' of water and food to give to people to keep them moving out of their area - not something I would recommend.

    There was a post that they would 'select' from refugees people who had useful skills they needed. As if they had such great people skills to sort out the good from the bad or even spies.
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  9. Agreed, PaulMason, but as a threat (providing I'm static and they are not), I would not hesitate to expend 3-4 rounds at 300 knowing that I proabaly have more than a few "little brass things filled with gun powder" than they do.

    In my neck of the woods, 200 yds/meters is indeed pushing it. My friend's 3-400 is the exception and not the rule.

    However, ID'ing a true threat at such a distance (good glass or not) is not something that I want to be guessing at!
  10. You bring up a good point. Unless you are fired upon, how do you know from a distance the people know about you and they are a threat to you? If a person were to fire upon them, they have given away their position and made an enemy. - No simple answers to all of this.
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  11. Agreed, again. Hopefully, they would not be sporting PETA or Hope & Change T-shirts; that could prove to be a real game-changer!

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  12. I'm thinking that "preparing for snipers" will not really be "reality based prepping". If someone with skill gets the first shot, you will not have to worry about a thing.
  13. Thankfully, I have no issues "preparing for snipers" in my rural community and in general I seriously doubt that many people have to consider such a scenario.

    In truth, "reality based prepping" consists mainly of mundane (though very important) skills such as water procurement/treatment/storage, food stocks, gardening (climate permitting), personal and group hygiene, and once normal day-to-day activities of life.

    From the very dawn on Humankind, the buzzards, worms, and maggots have dined on those "lone wolf" individuals who foolishly relied on their gear and isolationist mindset and ultimately, failed to understand or realize that the survival of one depends on the preparation of many. It has always been that way and it always shall.
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  14. Their gang tattoos they are so proud of.
  15. lawman800

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    Nothing like being prepped with my tactical pump shotgun loaded with super ninja birdshot which I can take out zombies at 560 yards thanks to its supreme unbeatable stopping power.:whistling:

    Yes, it would take less than that sometimes. Some people put themselves into a situation where you are forced to take actions which you don't normally think you would be capable of.

    Ummm... AK Stick is the real deal. One of his MOLLE accessories has seen more combat than most of us put together.

    Cf. Taken.
  16. Electrikkoolaid

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    I wonder if he should pause to think that people who are stockpiling food, have guns as well.

    Or does he think he's the big bad grasshopper that is going to just walk in, terrorize the ants, and take what he wants? (ala Pixar's Bug's Life)

    The vocabulary shows his intellect, and without smarts, "force" is not the only criteria that matters.

  17. I'm pretty sure that he was talking about the guy in the video's, not me.

    However, I'm by no means an expert. There are guys on GT with far more experience than I. I've just been deployed a bunch.
  18. lawman800

    lawman800 Juris Glocktor

    Which still puts you ahead of 95% of the couch bound YouTube schooled commandos here and on the internet in general.
  19. Reality. 1968 US Army. A cold chill goes over me when I realize that a younger guy with quicker reactions and no formal education can shoot me dead quicker than I can get him.

    2001. I have an exercise. Crawl across a field with 18 inch high weeds. You are going up against the head of the USMC sniper scout school. He sits on a chair and is able to use a pair of stablized binoculars to spot the creepers. A former USAF officer with the training wears an orange jump suit. He completes the exercise successfully and donates the jump suit to the instructor.

    Some day, some way, a person will go up the learning curve after shtf. And then, despite great experience, a rural background, and having the most expensive firearm, you will lose.

    Two great Americans have given the same advice -

    "Speak softly and carry a big stick" -T. Roosevelt
    and better
    "Float like a butterfly and sting like a bee"-C. Clay.
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  20. BR549

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    Much truth in that. It happens every day in so many other facets of life.

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