Why most Doomsday preppers will die

Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by PaulMason, Sep 9, 2012.

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    And phase one is a teachable moment, a learning experience and setter of the rules of engagement.

    When you's a street punk with no more handouts from the government and never experienced any resistance at that occupation, a hard NO backed with firepower indicates things have changed somewhat.

    Time to grow up and deal with how life SHOULD be. You keep what's yours, you don't take other people's S$#%, no one will give you anything and if you break the rules…you will be broken.

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    I finally had a few minutes to waste and looked at this clown's video, first part of the first one.

    I agree. He'll die before anyone here will.

    He talks like we're unarmed, first thug with a gun gets our stuff.

    What do I call 20 guys I know are trouble…on sight…coming up my driveway?

    A full magazine. Not even. Before I empty it the stragglers will flee.

    We have stuff. We are prepared.

    He is not. He has nothing. And he has to worry about people in his own group. Before, during and after.

    We're armed, fed, clothed and aware and have thought about things. He thinks its an urban warehouse with a semi-retired security guard carrying a nightstick.

    He's starting from zero, and thinks that after all our efforts to prepare we're just gonna give up without a fight?

    How would I defend acreage with a shortage of able bodies?

    Aimed rifle fire can cover a LOT of ground.

    It comes down to the Dirty Harry question.

    Do you feel lucky?

    Nah, he will resort to robbing old ladies hiding in burned out buildings in neighborhoods where the cops have fled. He won't last in my zipcode.

    And, even if it seems a bit cold…remember this. Instead of being demoralized by SHTF…some of us will view it as an opportunity.

    To clean up.

    And some in that group will be downright enthusiastic about it.

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    Best posts of this thread!
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    Without gubermint handouts (ie. food stamps/section 8 or three hots and cot) these punks will be running around like chickens with their heads cut off.
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    Actually, at some point, we're all going to die.
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    We start dying from the minute we're born. Some of us just take a bit longer to get there.
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    Maiden speaks well ta the above.I'm gonna die with my boots on.'08.
  8. Exactly. The issue isn't if we are going to die - it is the how and when. That is what S&P is about.
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    I apologize to anyone I might have offended by challenging the orthodoxy of the prepper mentality.
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    Not relevant.

    We're not defending a whole country here. We have a smaller and much more manageable parcel to defend. We can cover all directions with a little planning.

    There's nothing to "go around". Defend 360 if you have to .
  11. G29Reload

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    Not to anyone who can identify us. I don't know where you live.

    This is the "idea exchange" and discussion forum.

    As far as the ghetto bag o' ****** saying he sees us stacking stuff in the garage….no he doesn't.

    No one knows about mine. I don't advertise where people can see. I don't offer tours.

    And ghetto boy is home in his basement shooting heroin and playing his bass guitar. Where he fails too…doesn't know the meaning of the word "recon". He's busy not prepping, running his mouth, providing us with warning and intel, developing his own system…he's just busy failing in advance.

    And he'll be among the first to be picked off. IF he survives the gang vs gang wars just trying to exit his home turf.
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    Well aimed rifle fire works for me.
    Not letting them get close enough for hand to hand works for me.
  13. G29Reload

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    You weren't. You were just trolling.
  14. kirgi08

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  15. Go a head gangs come on in.

  16. As per typical MO, you've missed the lesson.

    But good luck with your fantasy land holding off large groups of people with aimed rifle fire.
  17. G29Reload

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    you're right, it will probably just bounce off them and have no effect, thanks to their superhuman powers.
  18. This is probably played out, but I have to say I tried to watch a minute of the vids again with no success...can't stand it. Am I really worried about this guy? No.

    I am going to watch the premier of "Revolution" tonight and weigh in when that thread gets created...lol.

    Here are a couple of crazy theories...do they have merit?

    -If you live in a high population density area, everyone is a target. You may be victimized by any segment/demographic due to your availaility (walking distance). Some of the lower level segments of society will prey upon each other before moving up the economic ladder (happens right now).

    -hoards (bottom 10% of society) will sit and wait for the bread line and will be physically drained...too drained to road march to any burbs...and lacking any arms.

    -hungry people who are used to the .gov providing do not have the wherewithal to plan an op and conduct it. There are usually reasons they're on the bottom, low intelligence, substance abuse, poor decision making, too many children.

    -"youth gang" types may get together and attempt to scavenge and will have success burglarizing structures and trying some strong-arm tactics. They represent a dangerous element due to their "undeveloped mind"...rash decision making. You don't want to be around these guys at any point. They will flee with any effective resistance.

    - addicts, mental incompetents. Distance is your friend. They will steal from anyone they know, or have ever known, who has "something" of use or value. If you know one, expect a visit.

    I guess we could categorize every socioeconomic group, but it's safe to say that everyone is capable of violence, but those who are "less civilized" will resort to it faster and with fewer reservations.

    The fool in the video does not fit in my neighborhood and would likely peak interest. He would be turned around at the nearest intersection with a tree fell across the road and if foolish enough to pass, would be challenged and subsequently dealt with if he tried force.

    When there's no reason for "normal" people to go to work, they will be standing watch...and the smart ones will buddy up. That will work fairly well under most circumstances...the chances of a mad max scenario are pretty slim.
  19. He obviously does not know what a sniper is able to do.
  20. What if he does and he has several?

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