Why is the 21/30 slide so thick...

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by J.Kill, Oct 4, 2012.

  1. When the 36 slide is so thin? I know some people make a hybrid with a 30 frame and 36 slide... But I'm just curious why Glock wouldn't just have originally made their 45 line with thinner slides.

    Any ideas?

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  3. My guess is to make it fit squarely on the thicker frame. :dunno:

  4. But even on the GAP models it's a .45 width slide on a 9/40/357 frame.
  5. hps


    I like and prefer the slide width of the 30 over the 36. The 30 is far more accurate than the 36.
  6. its because they made them in order-the 17-18-19-then the glock 20-10mm is a very hot round lots of pressure,but then came the 21,they just kept the thick slide for the 45(low pessure round)they didnt need to.look at the 36,also my 36-30 hybrid is the bomb-jef817:wavey:
  7. DannyR

    Moderator Millennium Member

    Jef is correct. The G21/G30 pistols were designed on the G20.G29 platform.
  8. faawrenchbndr

    faawrenchbndr DirtyThirty fan

    Extra weight for added recoil
    Extra width for the much wider breach face
  9. the 21/30 slide is so thick because there's more metal on the sides of the slides.
  10. SCSU74

    SCSU74 St. Cloud Proud

    for her pleasure
  11. Glk30

    I've heard it is to tame the recoil... I say it works though, the 21 and 30 are really sweet shooters. Lots of people rave on the 30 as being super accurate and fun to shoot.
  12. Bello

    Bello America/Italia

    Lmmfao! I hope you were being sarcastic
  13. Uh, no. 1911s and other .45's don't need this "extra width".

    Every time I think about getting a .45 ACP Glock I just look at this picture and the moment passes:

    #12 cowboy1964, Oct 5, 2012
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  14. not at all.

    pictures posted by cowboy prove it.
  15. 3rdgen40

    3rdgen40 .45 fanatic

    Glock is too cheap to build guns to fit the cartridge.Kind of like buying a cheap "one size fits most" hat.
  16. So could I use a Glock 36 Slide on a G21 frame?
  17. faawrenchbndr

    faawrenchbndr DirtyThirty fan


    Pull your panties out of your crack! Was specifically discussing
    the size difference between Glock slide widths,....19 vs 30.
    It's a Glock design deal.
  18. faawrenchbndr

    faawrenchbndr DirtyThirty fan


    Would be a WEE bit short my friend!

    So, no, you can not.

  19. Canine feces!!! haha oh well.
  20. There is no question that the G30 is a brick with a handle on it. I carry OWB so the extra slide thickness is meaningless to me. I'm fat so I probably wouldn't notice the weight difference if the slide were thinner. I do know that my G30 can hang with any of my other pistols in accuracy, so I have no complaints.
  21. Yes... You are correct it is thicker because there is more metal :supergrin:... My question is WHY is there more metal when it's not needed?

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