Why is DHS hoarding ammunition?

Discussion in 'Survival/Preparedness Forum' started by Bolster, Mar 25, 2013.

  1. I think the 1.6 Billion was the maximum total purchase, if they purchased every round they could, every period of every year.

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  2. I have maintained for sometime that the 1.6 billion number is either bad math, or pulled out of thin air. Journalists are not renowned (at least modern journalists) for their attention to detail.

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  3. Good people did, that guy went from one fire to the next. POS:steamed:
  4. quake

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    Could be, but the 50-60 million number was the maximum "up to" amount the one rfq I've seen. It would take 30 of those rfq's, all fulfilled to their maximums, to get near that 1.6 billion number.

    Not saying the 1.6 billion is bogus; just saying it seems to get bandied about a bunch and I personally haven't seen any documentation anywhere near that number. Seen less evidence of it than I have of reptoids or roswell aliens, actually; and (much like those) I'd be genuinely interested in seeing something concrete... :cool:

  5. Me too.

    Did just find this though,

  6. Donn57

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    I don't know. Maybe no one. Why do they need 86,000 rounds per employee regardless?

    There is more news today that the FBI is looking to purchase $100M worth of ammo. So obviously, the FBI is purchasing their own ammo, not relying on the 1.6B rounds that DHS may purchase. This would support the first article that splits a possible 1.6B round purchase by DHS between just two agencies over five years.
  7. Donn57

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    Interesting article, but it does beg the question, if there is no way that DHS is actually going to purchase 1.6B rounds of ammo, why the authorization to purchase so much more ammo than they will historically actually need? What is the logic for authorizing a 750M round purchase for an agency (FLETC) that will use less than 100M rounds, according to the article?

    And is this the norm? The last time DHS went through this exercise, was it also for seven times more ammo than actually purchased?
  8. Yes, but what will YOU do when they order you to confiscate firearms?
  9. I don't see that as a realistic course of action. Alot has been changed in the aftermath of Katrina.

    They might still take our guns away, but it won't be by military confiscation.
  10. I hope you are right, and I believe that most in the military would not follow an illegal order. But my question was, What will YOU do?

  11. What I think is the correct action at that time.

    I can't say one way or the other without a specific scenario.
  12. Ruble Noon

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  13. Overwhelming force is always important.... and ammo is a key ingredient in the recipe.
  14. The FBI is not under DHS so any conclusion you are trying to imply is going to be false.
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  15. Bolster

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    You say that's not your argument, then you enlarge and elaborate on that same argument below. I think you're unclear on what you're arguing.

    It would be a gross oversimplification to say I'm making an argument that Obama = Hitler. There are both striking similarities between the two men (in type of talent, lack of experience, ideological fervor, and technique), and also vast differences (in goals, personal history, racial preferences, and so on). History doesn't repeat, it merely rhymes.

    This is the most amusing part of your post, the amount of gullible faith you place in legislators to 'play by the rules.' One of Obama's great legacies is the amount of erosion he's caused to the American system, and how many ways he's found to ignore the law, to get around checks and balances. Now he's earnestly working toward creating an America with a single party (his, and perhaps yours), and a powerful, intrusive, controlling government.

    That's an ironic comment, because that's precisely how I perceive your arguments: pure emotion.
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  16. Stevekozak

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    Good post!! I am not sure about your very last point (ie AK being emotional) but everything else is spot on in my estimation!

    P.S. I am glad to see you posting more here again. You used to have some thought provoking threads. I, for one, am curious about how your solar oven progression has come along, but that is for a different thread, I reckon. :wavey:
  17. Striking similarities between Obama and Hitler :wow: - are you kidding, what bubble do you live in.

    Do you have a clue what Hitler actually did?
    Are you aware of the sacrifices that the Allies made to remove him?
    Are you aware of just how offensive such comments are to the many who lost loved ones and family in WW2?
    Please do yourself a huge favor and learn some history before you embarrass yourself any further :rofl:

    There you go I fixed it for you - you really do seem to have a problem with historical facts :tongueout:
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  19. Good god is there no end to this BS?

    So the lunatic fringe of the GOP is proposing a new law that prohibits the government from doing something it does not do but which could have unintended consequences.

    I guess the counterpoint will be laws from the lunatic fringe of the Dems seeking to outlaw citizens from hoarding ammo!!! :tongueout:

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