Why I carry a 1911...

Discussion in '1911 Forums' started by KiloBravo, Jul 17, 2010.

  1. KiloBravo

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    I have not seen one of these threads in a while...

    -They are "America's Firearm"
    -Thin and easy to conceal
    -They make a big hole in whatever you are shooting
    -The manual of arms is the same for each 1911
    -I shoot 1911s better than any other pistol made today
    -Very easy to get back on target for faster follow up shots
    -The trigger (goes back to me shooting it well)
    -Most are reliable out of the box just like some other plastic pistols
    -Lots of customization and aftermarket accessories are available
    -They look and feel outstanding

    I am sure there are other reasons as well, but that is all I can think of for now. :supergrin:

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  2. Because this life is too short to carry an ugly gun :whistling:

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  3. Because they just appeal to me.
  4. Because my friend peer pressure me into it. LMAO.
  5. Because I can't carry an HK G36C?
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  6. Short Cut

    Short Cut PatrioticMember

    I had nearly 20,000 rounds through a G30 that I was carrying. With that much practice I could shoot it pretty damn good. I bought a Les Baer TRS and was shooting better groups with it the first afternoon that I got it. Combat accuracy is fine and dandy, but I like being able to hit small targets with consistency too.

    Next thing I noticed is that the slimmer slide made more of a difference for carry comfort than I thought it would.
  7. Because I can't stand the thought that my sidearm might have, in one of it's former lives, been a Malibu Barbie...
  8. okie

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  9. Because they've saved my bacon.

    Bob :cowboy:
  10. Cobra64

    Cobra64 Deals in Facts

    :rofl: True. :)
  11. Sums it up for me. :cool:
  12. :rofl:
  13. faawrenchbndr

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    1911,......when you care enough to shoot the very best! :supergrin:
  14. Ryobi

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    My glocks are better suited for duty use for a number of reasons. I frequently carry a 1911 simply because they look cool and feel good. Same reason I use a mug and brush when I shave.
  15. :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:
  16. http://www.thesixgunjournal.net/1911articles.html
  17. Very nicely done, ordering my holster this week for my Ultra Carry II this week. A few more rounds through it and it will my EDC, miss the G30 but love the 1911 grip. Funny, the other day I was doing some visual comparisons between my my two Kimbers and remembered I had a green 1911 toy gun when I was a kid. That was a nice memory, getting ready for #3 very soon and #4 the plastic 1911, gotta have one, OK 2, grandson will need one as well.
  18. That is funny, I gave my son a plastic orange 1911 when he was one. My son is too young still, but I want to make sure that when is a litle bigger, start having his sleep over parties that he knows what a gun is and unless dad is around he should not be around guns. It really scares me that one day he will be going to friends houses and some parents out there don't have their guns properly secured from their children.

    Sorry for the offtopic...I just wanted to vent the issue...perhaps I should start a thread on it...
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  19. Why carry plastic when you can carry a real gun. I buy my 4 year old platic guns.
  20. Because they fit my hand better than anything else.

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