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Why Doesn't K-VAR Sell Saiga 12's/20's ?

Discussion in 'The Kalashnikov Klub' started by Glocker08, Jan 14, 2010.

  1. Glocker08


    Sep 22, 2008
    They sell the Saiga .410's, so it only makes sense that they should sell the S12's and S20's as well. I really want an S12 and was hoping that K-VAR would have a huge sale on them like they did the SGL rifles.
  2. my762buzz


    Mar 21, 2007
    RAA is the main importer and Arsenal has been second to them.
    My only speculation is that RAA is going to raise hell with Izmash if they start shipping any S12s to Arsenal because the S12 has been their bread and butter and they already can't seem to get enough S12s to sell fast enough through distributors. I talked to Clyde Woods one of the owners of RAA a few years ago about his incoming S12 supply and he said that all of his dealers can't keep these in stock very long because they are sold fairly quickly. Tromix a glocktalk boardmember usually has a long backlog of conversion orders with customer supplied S12s and their are many other famous gun smiths constantly converting these shotguns. Unlike other AK platform guns, only Saiga exports a 12 gauge and there is no competition with this caliber and this alone keeps the importer very busy. This contrasts the 7.62x39 market which has several different market suppliers such as Romanian wasr or kits, Zastava pap or Yugo kits, Bulgarian arsenal or battle field kits, polish kits, etc... I would be surprised if Arsenal gets any S12s or s20s to convert, unless of course they end up becoming the exclusive importer.