Why do Democrats want our guns?

Discussion in 'Gun-Control Issues' started by PhotoFeller, Jan 16, 2013.

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    You're most likely a liberal troll, masquerading as the world's most hopelessly obtuse and/or naive "practical" Republican, so of course you don't follow logic. :upeyes:

    Had the feds wanted to "trace" drug gang items, everything from high end vehicles to jewelry to money, and even drugs themselves could easily have been made traceable through microstamping and the use of taggants. Shy of a car crash or an overdose, no one would have died from that sort of "trace".

    Operación Rápido y Furioso's purpose was to outrage the hope-a-doped hordes by making it seem like ordinary American gun owners were flooding Mexico with contraband "assault rifles" purchased legally in the U.S.A. The endgame of Operación Rápido y Furioso was for the hope-a-doped hordes to recoil in horror, and subsequently demand an end to the availability of "assault rifles" here in the United States. Given the amount of carnage perpetrated by the cartels, Congress would have no other choice than to end the evil gringos' (a.k.a. bitter clinger NRA types) efforts to flood such a peaceful land as Meheeco, with their instruments of death.

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RGWhRAccEuE"]Eric Holder 1995 Interview - Gun Control - "We Must Brainwash People Against Guns" - YouTube[/ame]

    The operation never had anything to do with identifying cartel members or their activities. The feds only used them because of their willingness to break international laws. Even a retarded monkey would understand that one doesn't "trace" druglords by giving them deadly weapons.

    The BATFEHIJKLMNOP and the various other alphabet soup agencies would have gotten away with the plot too, had it not been for the death of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. That horrible event caused a crisis of conscience for at least one of the participants in the operation, and he subsequently ratted out his fellow conspirators.

    Now it is once again your turn to say 'aw shucks' kick the dirt a little, and act like you don't get it.

    I could be mistaken about your status as a liberal troll... It could very well be that you are as slow of wit/naive as you claim to be. If so, allow me to apologize for characterizing you as something as vile as a liberal, and let me be the first to extend my sympathy for your condition.

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    That was just ONE example. There are a few, very few pro gun people left in New Orleans. Most moved to the surrounding parishes long ago. The last gun shop closed it's door years ago. There are a few NICE spots and places, restaurants, in the city but for the most part its a cesspool. It was that way even before Katrina. I moved away many years ago. That's when it started decaying. It didn't start because I left. I left because it started. So did thousands of others. The city was a glorious place at one time. No so much anymore.

    If one goes to the French Quarter there's lots of fun to be had. Turn down the wrong street though and look out.

    Oh, BTW, the ex-mayor is being indited. :rofl:

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    Aw shucks, Freddie, [kicks the dirt a little] I'm not sure I get what you're talkin' about.
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    Q.E.D. :wavey:
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    Duplicate post.
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    Why do "Dems" want our guns,is quite simple.They can't use their EBT cards ta get them.'08.

    Mornin Fred. :wavey:
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    In the immortal words of Hee Haw... Salute! :wavey:
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    Whats fer dinner Grandpa.'08.
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    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MR3kI_LHMDI"]hey grand pa.....whats for supper - YouTube[/ame]
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    Smart arse.'08.

    You do understand yer lack posting does require yer focus.n00bs ect. :sad:
  12. OK,

    where are the drug busts that came as a result?

    why not use something else traceable, like, well...hmmm.... 'Money"? It's got serial numbers and that's all the F&F guns had.
  13. I also read your previous posts and do not find you the expert you think you are. You just push the party line.
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  15. Remember, the Democrat party was the party of the plantation/slave south, the KKK, Jim Crow laws, etc. Thus they have consistently worked to keep guns out of the hands of the underclass. Initially this was blatant with respect to former slaves and their descendants, just as the various voting restrictions were. This became more subtle with the Gun Control Act of 1968, with its bans on "Saturday Night Specials" and imports of war surplus guns. At some point the underclass became all who could not afford their own private security force and were not assigned government-funded security. Now the underclass must be disarmed before its members realize Kristofferson's definition of freedom as nothing left to lose applies to them.

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  16. Jerry

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    Good history lesson and explanation.
  17. PhotoFeller

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    Actually, I don't profess to know a lot about the philosophical divide between Dems and Repubs when it comes to guns. The motivation for my post was to get some answers.

    I don't know which party line you believe I'm pushing. I have simply asked straightforward questions in search of answers that ring true.

    The responses thus far, for the most part, suggest Progressives want to disarm us in order to control us, to move us away from democratic government. My reaction to that theory is that Republicans surely would expose the control strategy in order to win elections; revealing such a plan would move lots of voters from the left to the right. How is that conclusion off base?

    My comments, questions and push backs are only intended to probe for realistic answers. The ideas I've heard so far have been thinly supported theories that paint Ds as demons and Rs as dummies.

    I'm not interested in name calling and petty jousting, but I'll gladly accept corrections to my posts.
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    Getting back to your explanation for Fast and Furious, it would be helpful to know what source(s) you rely on. I haven't done an extensive search, but Fox and a few other sources didn't explain the objective quite the way you do. Only Rush and Dale Gribble seem to share your point of view...and your attitude.
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  19. Fred Hansen

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    Your abundant ignorance is your own problem, not mine.
  20. PhotoFeller

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    Fred, I'm beginning to think you may be making this stuff up. Your name calling and harsh comments may be camouflage for a lack of facts.

    All I'm saying is that your explanation of the key motive for Operation Fast and Furious doesn't seem to be supported in the literature I've been reading. I'd like to have the benefit of your source of information (a published report, an interview with a credible Republican, Libertarian or Independent spokesman, a WSJ article or editorial, etc.). RTP

    The only way to eliminate my "abundant ignorance" is to provide enlightenment. Help lift me up just this one time by sharing your sources.
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