Why do Democrats want our guns?

Discussion in 'Gun-Control Issues' started by PhotoFeller, Jan 16, 2013.

  1. It's all about power.As long as we have guns that can't control us as much as they would like to.

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  2. PhotoFeller

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    Why don't Republicans reveal what the Ds are up to?

    How could you know something the Republican National Committee doesn't know?

    Why didn't Glen Beck and Rush L. make a fortune in 2012 spinning the D takeover yarn? Why didn't Romney focus on the D "control plan" like a laser with facts, testimonials, documents, wire tapped conversations and every other shred of information his agents could produce?

    Frankly, I don't think Progressive leaders are smart enough or ambitious enough to chase such a bold plan.

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  3. and most of those take what the media spoon feeds them as gospel. an "assault weapon " is fully automatic, fires armor piercing bullets, and can't be seen by an x-ray machine.
  4. i think they know better, but, being anti "evil gun/gun owner" lines the coffers for the next "election".

    the rubes won't contribute without a bad guy to fight against.
  5. Bingo!

    They are drunk with power... confiscating guns would be the ultimate high for them.
  6. PhotoFeller

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    Isn't the source of power actually in the people who elect the anti-gun liberals? Schumer and Feinstein are prime examples of Senators that keep getting re-elected with a clear track record against firearms. Old Harry Reid, on the other hand, represents a pro-gun state so he swings our way on gun legislation.

    Think about these examples and how their legislative behavior is reinforced by being re-elected term after term after term. These congressmen aren't free agents; they are accountable to constituents every election cycle.

    When you say "...they are drunk with power..." you are saying they are drunk with power provided by their voters. To say they want to take our guns away translates to 'the people in New York and California support taking our guns away while Nevada residents say we have the right to keep them'.

    If Feinstein's AWB passes, blame the people who put her in office!
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  7. I think you need to live in a ban area to understand.
    Having lived all my life in NYC & then moving & then only caring about a gun years after I moved....Kids are brainwashed from the public schools, K on up. Everything in NYC at least is anti gun. Guns are only for cops. This is the thinking in NYC. Why do I need a gun? I have the police. The crime rate is down, why do I need a gun? The population is so brainwashed with a lack of individual thinking that they vote for these people time & time again & don't have a clue outside their own area.
    That's why you have all the anti gun people in the NE of the country. These laws & idea's they have had for decades. Generations & generations of kids that grow up & never move & the cycle just repeats.

    And NY specifically look up the Sullivan law & then look up that person. Mob boss...Dumb down the population so there no resistance.
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  8. jeanderson

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    It's about responsibility. Democrats belive the state has a reponsibility to take care of every aspect of your life, including your protection.

    God forbid should you have a gun and be able to protect your own life or that of your family. To the Democrats (the statists), that is the responsibility of the state.
  9. I read and I observe. I also form conclusions based on what I read and observe.

    One result of this is that you are not worth responding to.
  10. Economically dependent, distracted, poorly educated, and unarmed citizens are a lot easier to control. They are totally dependent on the state. Removing guns is a gradual process that will eventually ruin our country if it's allowed to happen.
  11. PhotoFeller

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    Its difficult to respond to questions you don't have plausible answers to.

    Your failure to respond is itself a very clear response.

    I suspect you read and observe the sources that support your views, and information or questions that challenge those views are ignored, or laughed off as nonsense. You're not looking for a serious discussion, in my view.

    Thanks for your non-response.
  12. PhotoFeller

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    This seems far more plausible than theories that Democrats want to disarm us in order to control us.
  13. Fred Hansen

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    Q: Why haven't Republicans warned Americans of the insidious anti-gun/anti-freedom agenda of the American left?

    A: They have for more than half a century. To wit:

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qXBswFfh6AY"]"A Time for Choosing" by Ronald Reagan - YouTube[/ame]

    The protestations of useless liberal trolls notwithstanding, of course.

  14. Fred Hansen

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    If that was even a tiny bit true, things like Operación Rápido y Furioso never would have been thought of, much less executed with ruthless zeal.
  15. PhotoFeller

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    Your opinion is interesting, but I don't know enough about NY to agree or refute it. I know there are pockets of ignorance in every state, but to generalize that Democrat leaders have been able to "..,Dumb down the [New York] population so there is no resistance" sounds like an overstatement of Liberal leadership effectiveness.

    Why do you suppose that NY citizens have a different opinion about guns than citizens in Texas and Arizona? Why haven't citizens in Mobile or New Orleans been brainwashed, I wonder. Can it be that a region's history and tradition with guns is the real driver for how today's citizens view gun ownership?
  16. PhotoFeller

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    I don't follow your logic, Fred. The guns used in this operation were just traceable items the drug gangs really wanted for their 'business'. It wouldn't have made much sense to make garden tractors or refrigerators available to them.
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  17. Jerry

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    If you don't believe the vast majority in New Orleans have been brainwashed you need to come visit and talk to some. If you can beez understand dem.

    Last night on the news they interviewed a couple that had a home invasion. The perps were armed with "A" crowbar. The couple gave them their money and their gun. Their gun? Yep! They handed over a gun to a guy with a crowbar. :headscratch: :crazy: I guess you shouldn't bring a gun to crowbar fight. :dunno:
  18. It's not an opinion.....I was out of NYC for 5 years before I ever fired a gun or ever thought I wanted one. Took that long to get my mind clear. Now the 2nd & the notion of self defense makes perfect sense to me. I was one of the people that though baning all guns would stop crime.
    My friends in NYC... they all think I'm some crazy militia person. I kid you not. They can't fathom why I want to carry a gun.
  19. PhotoFeller

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    fuzzy - I appreciate the transition you went through, and I'm glad you discovered the fun and comforting experience of gun ownership.

    I'm wondering if your experience growing up might have been quite different in upstate NY. If you agree, you might support the theory that citizen opinions about guns vary from one area of the country to another. Rural areas and cities in states with a rich tradition in family gun ownership, hunting and sport shooting tend to feel strongly about gun rights.

    Giving Liberals credit for brainwashing people against guns is probably giving them way too much credit.
  20. PhotoFeller

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    As you well know, one example does not make a case for the whole city. I assumed, perhaps wrongly, that New Orleans citizens, generally, would be strong gun advocates. My opinion was based on that city's survival spirit and it's history, and the state's history, over decades of leadership by strong willed individualists.

    Let me know if I'm wrong about this great city.

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