Why conservatives hate & distrust the media

Discussion in 'Political Issues' started by Skyhook, Feb 19, 2013.

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  2. Cavalry Doc

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    We want dirty air and water too. :upeyes:

    I have plenty of reason to distrust the press, and the lump-o-crap sitting in the white house shows you what they can get away with.

  3. I long for the day when their false god gets thrown over the cliff and those lap dog, boot-lickers get kicked to the curb.
  4. Yes, and so goes the saying every dog has their day. I think with the unabashed unleashing of the true B.O. since he was re-elected by dubious means maybe the godsend you speak of. His hubris catch up with him and his media acolytes.
  5. Don't forget pushing Grandma over the cliff in a wheelchair. SJ 40
  6. BobbyS

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    Uh.........because they are all a bunch of lie spewing **** -bags.
  7. Because they don't report the news but lie, report what they want, put their own spin on everything and sensationalize trivial crap like Kim Kardashian's latest trip while ignoring important issues simply for ratings.
  8. hogship

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    ......as well as completely ignore news and information they don't want to be distributed. Information that never sees the light of day, is as destructive to the national dialogue as that which has been screened and manicured for public consumption.

  9. I cant stand watching mainstream news and havent other than to irritate myself for 5 seconds. All my news comes from various websites and then I form my own opinion. The days of turning on and seeing informative newscasts are long gone...

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