Why Bug Out?

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  1. When anyone speaks of being prepared they normally speak of bugging out. I'm not 100% sure why anyone would want to do this in every situation. Granted, I live in the middle of nowhere and leaving my home would not produce may benefits that I can see.

    Why wouldn't you simply prep your home for whatever situation that you are anticipating and then protect it?

    I am likely being naive. I look forward to the answers.

    Personally, from my home I can hunt everything from deer and hogs, to squirrels, dove, and quail. I am walking distance to fishing. Farming is an easy thing in the country.
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    You are right on target. Bugging out for most folks should be done only as a last resort. Of course much depends on the crisis scenario and your environment.

    Hurricane, forest fire, toxic environmental industrial accident, flooding ... there are certainly events when bugging out is the wise course of action. But most serious preppers prep their home environment as their Plan A. Obviously, you can store many more preps, secure and fortify your home, and become a part of a supportive community in your home neighborhood.

    On the other hand, bugging out with little more than what's in a bag or in a vehicle for an uncertain and dangerous journey at a time when chaos may be the rule ... well, that's certainly not what most folks would choose to do with their loved ones if they have any choice at all.

  3. My thoughts exactly. There is no way I would want to relocate my guns, ammo, food, water, etc. if there is chaos all around. My neighbors, family, and friends are better off serving together to rid the area of any issues.

    As for a hurricaine; I am originally from Hilton Head Island. I am not worried aboud a storm. Hunker down and rebuild.

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