Why aren't Sigs more popular?

Discussion in 'The Sig Sauer Club' started by GlennS, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. Agree on the softer shooting. Also, I'd point out the E2 grips are better for those with smaller hands.

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  2. ...don't feel embarrassed...but you may be trying some new pistols now...:wavey:


  3. Bren

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    Like I said, you don't do it, or else you wouldn't have to ask. While "race guns" get a lot of pictures in gun magazines, they are a tiny minority in actual competition. I know abou and have built race guns, but most people who compete are shooting ordinary carry guns in IDPA, USPSA production or single stack, GSSF, etc. Where people come out and shoot ordinary guns from the gun shop, guns with a DA/SA trigger, including Sig,. Beretta and H&K, can't keep up.
  4. Love mine. Excellent gun. But not worth the extra $$$ to me. Hence my handle in this forum :). There are many other super reliable guns out there for less $.... like Glocks. A friend of mine in the army swears by sings though. Says the Berrettas don't hold up in the desert, so he would finagle a SIG as his sidearm.

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  5. In my neck of the woods they're very popular. One of the most popular.

    In general, I can only think of expense as a legitimate reason they're not more prevalent. They're quality firearms.
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  6. Trigger pull sucks (at least on my 226 and 239) and the price.
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  8. going in my mind with all the Sig models I can remember one with an ambi safety except the new P938 or a 1911
  9. ozy


    As mentioed by several, they are pricey, but absolutely excellent in every aspect, imho.and ido love my gen 4 glocks. but the sig are simply on a different palteau.
    Again , in my expereince.
  10. Old thread but different strokes for different folks. We have a competitive shooter at my squadron, a Hornet pilot who uses only Sig, a Sig 226 to be exact and from what I hear, is one hell of a shooter. A few others compete, all use Glock. I love my Sigs and Glocks but if I had to compete, it would be a Glock but that's just me. They are a bit expensive as well and only the Sig 2022 and 250 are within range of your standard Glock.
  11. I love Glocks and 1911 platform but my Sig P220R Compact is one sweet , soft recoiling 45
  12. I agree
  13. Also big, clunky, and heavy compared to modern poly-framed pistols. Please no flame here - I do own, and enjoy, a SIG, a 1911, Walther P38, several revolvers...etc. They are just older technology weaponry.
  14. WOW some interesting thoughts do I own sigs yes a total of 5 of them. However for home defense I have my G22 loaded and sitting in the night stand as we speak. However when I'm walking the streets I'm usually carrying my P228 and I feel very comfortable and confident with it because I train with it. Are Sig expensive yes but then again so are funerals.
  15. Great remark on funerals! Cheers.
  16. BuckyP

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    Last two USPSA. Production nationals were won with a DA/SA gun. In fact, last year first, second, AND third place were all DA/SA guns.

    On the other hand, none were Sigs. Seem none of the top shooters shoot a real Sig, including Sigs top shooter. (Sorry, I don't consider a Sig slide on an STI frame to be a Sig?)
  17. Love mine. I just wish they where a little cheaper. I would like to see a SP2022 in 45 ACP.
  18. Don't we all. :whistling:
  19. Paul53

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    I'd love to own a BMW or Mercedes Gullwing. But I can afford my 08 Saturn. They all could get me where I need to go.

    When the pinheads at the lottery finally draw the right numbers (mine) I'll own Sigs (and a Mercedes Gullwing!) until then, my Glock is just fine.
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  20. Because aluminum?

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