Why are the two shells included?

Discussion in 'General Glocking' started by ninjag19, Feb 1, 2013.

  1. With my purchase of the G19 gen 4 came a nice case and assorted goodies. Included was what appears to be test firings from the factory. Why so? What does that prove, anyone's cases could have been included.

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  2. frontier2011

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    Some states required spent casing for record.
    They keep the casing.

  3. I got one with my Springfield XD9 and I got two with my Glock 21SF RTF2.

  4. Really?

    Even wacky California doesn't require that.
  5. frontier2011

    frontier2011 Give Me Brass

    now you know

  6. 1. Close the case.
    2. Shoot the pistol.
  7. words to live by.
  8. here in the peoples republic of md there is a requirment for a fired shell casing on all new handguns. wont go into why it wont work aadn why no states attorney in the state will use it but the pols keep insistineg we need it so thay are atached in a room at the state p[olice
  9. I suspect that one or more state troopers are into reloading...:upeyes:
  10. It's a reloading starter kit - 2 brass, ready to go
  11. Whoops.
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  12. I agree with this, if you think about it you have everything there, you can take them with you to the gun store and have all the info you need. on one end you have the primer to match to make sure you get the right one, and on the other you can check the bullet size. And the powder takes a little more practice. If you know anything about powder you can smell the case and tell which powder it is, and if you don't know you can tell the Guy behind the counter to "smell this" and he will probably tell you a few things about it. The second one is in case you lose the first. Also getting into reloading is really expensive!!! When you only get 2 cases with each Glock then it takes quite a while to get enough to load, and by that time you have all these Glocks lying around everywhere, what a hassle....it also makes for a very long signature on GT. :supergrin:
  13. It proves that the pistol will fire without blowing apart! That is a little rough, but it serves to let the subsequent owner know that it indeed will fire and cycle without incident. zorro49
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    I recently bought a 29SF and then a 27 about a week later from a different place (29sf came from NM and 27 came from FL). They were both test fired by the same guy on the same day and with CCI aluminum cases so no reloading :sigh:
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  15. I dont remember my G17 or G23 coming with any, but that was 23 and 20 years ago. Maybe they've been misplaced. Has glock always done this?
  16. Some people get 2, some 1 and others none. It depends on where the gun is sold. That mess didn't start until sometime after 2000, or thereabouts.
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  17. Ultimately I guess that it is suppose to give some confidence and evidence to the buyer that the gun has been fired successfully. By the way, my cases were steel, so probably the reloading theory dosn't hold up. lol
  18. I just bought 3 Gen 4 (17,22,23)
    They each had 2 casings in an envelope with the serial number and signature etc on it.
    I just bought a SA XDm .45acp. It had one with it in an envelope as well.
    My thoughts were that it was test fired and they put them in to show it passed final inspection.
  19. Freighttrain

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    Yep,The Peoples Republik of New York and Maryland require the FFL to send the case in to be registered with state police.That way if someone gets a handful of your spend cases at the range,they can go cap someone with a wheel gun and throw down your cases.Cops come after you instead of them.Thats why I love Alabama.No commie Democraps destroying thing.
  20. New York doesn't require the fired case, Maryland is on its own there. We have a lot of other craziness to deal with however...

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