Whos from St. Louis?

Discussion in 'Midwest Glockers' started by jjtroutbum, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. I've lived in and around St. Louis all my life until the last six years or so. Right now I live in St. Peters and I'm looking for a range. Jefferson County is too far though I got my CCW training at Top Gun. I don't care for the state run ranges; I believe in safety but they take all the fun out of shooting. I used to shoot high-power rifle matches at Arnold but that was years ago. I re-joined the Boeing Rifle and Pistol Club and hope to get back into HP.

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  2. Hi just sitting around ,snowed in and bored wondering if they have gun shows reguarly here. In San Antonio there was one a month,also no snow.

  3. I suppose there are no gun shows in St Louis. Not much action on this forum.
  4. jjtroutbum

    jjtroutbum Armedflyfishing

  5. There's a show at the Belle Clair Fairgrounds in Belleville, IL pretty often. It's a big show with a lot going on. I don't see any on the calendar right now, but keep checking back. http://www.bcfairgrounds.net/

    Oh...I just saw... from looking at the link supplied by jjtroutbum, you can see all of the shows listed in Belleville.
  6. New guy here in St Charles, looking to pick up my first Glock, still undecided on 9mm or 40, but absolutely compact or subcompact. Maybe the single stack 45. Agree the state ranges are boring, going to look into gun clubs. Ive been in Mike's guns once, but they didnt seem too eager to serve, maybe I was too young looking, and I didnt see a great selection at Nassau, any other close places to check. Looking forward to the next show, missed the big one here a couple weeks ago.
  7. jjtroutbum

    jjtroutbum Armedflyfishing

    Just found out that Mike owner of Mike's Guns has decided to cherry pick customers that he will sell guns to!! Criminals no, Law abiding citizens thats who. Apparently he has decided that he know better than others what guns they should be legally allowed to own.
  8. Check out G26 have one and love it. I know it's a long drive but Top Gun in Imperial has large selection. Rental guns to try out on their range.
  9. if I recall last August right before the permit to purchase was going to be dead he refused to allowed customers to put guns on lay away for when aug28th hit. kept spreading some rumor it wasnt going to go into law and some court order.
  10. Can you blame him?? As f'd up as this state is? There were plenty of people trying to stop the PTA. Look what happened with the CCW the first time around.....60,000 mystery votes showed up against it in the final hours. Then when it finally did pass, the certain judges still tried to block it and St. Louis City refused to honor it.

    I like Mike's Guns. Best prices in the STL and a good selection but too many friggin' window shoppers standing in front of the counters.....look at the guns, then get the hell out of the way.
  11. I need a Remington 870 express, I wonder if he has one. Preferably 26" barrel and syn stock. Bass pro and Cabellas has them for $300. I think they were going to give me 10% off if I signed up for a card too. anyone know if small gun store prices are that much better?
  12. No discounts on guns or ammo at BP or Cabela's no matter who you are or what kind of coupons/deals you have. You can accrue "rewards bucks" for your gun or ammo purchase, and in the future, use them toward a gun or ammo purchase...........but no percentage discounts. I don't think you can use the "spend $100 get $10 off coupons either."

    Stood in line for more than an hour to get burned by this policy......even after I was told I'd get the discount.
  13. ipfreely123

    ipfreely123 something witty

    STL guy here born and raised. I have bought most of mine at Top Gunn. Everytime I was making a new purchase, I would call around to all the stores in STL. They always seem to have the lowest prices. I am not opposed to finding a good used deal once in a while though. I only have a few more on my list of what I want to buy. Once I get those, ,,,,,,,,, Oh hell I will probably just start another list.
    Anyway, If anyone in STL has any of these and decided to get rid of them PM me.

    Mossberg 500
    Walther P-22
    1911 unsure of brand yet
    Stag Lefty AR
    .32 probably a CZ
  14. I am also from STL, I have lived here my entire life.

    I cannot say enough great things about Top Gun in Imperial, MO. It is a newer range off 55. They have a huge selection of guns, both for sale, and for rent. Their staff is very educated about firearms and safety. Several of their employees also teach MO carry conceal. They also have some of the best prices around on guns. If they do not have it, they can usually get it in a couple of days. I buy almost all of my guns from them.

    I would love to try and have a "get together" from everyone in St. Louis, at Top Gun, or another range in St. Louis.
  15. I would like to get together at Top Gun am a member there. Being retired I could go most any time. Let me know if anybody wants to go and when. Good idea as I moved here from Texas last July don't know many shooters here yet.
  16. ipfreely123

    ipfreely123 something witty

    Less than two weeks and I close on my house a few miles down the road from Topp Gun. I am moving to Herculaneum. I will most likely get my membership to Top Gun at that point. Always good to hear from more STL shooters. I would be interested in meeting up sometime.
  17. You guys should check out Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club. I was a member of Top Gun for a year and really liked it, but if you shoot any kind of competition, ARPC is great. 2 steel matches, 1 USPSA and 1 IDPA match every month.

    I just retired at the end of April and moved to North Alabama.

  18. i'm a big nassau whore. i love the place and the lady who own's it is very nice.

    i'd flush mike's if i could.

    graf's is good also.

    trail creek is great, but they cater to the antique and classic crowd ( read very nice and expensive guns ).

    being a north county boy i don't get down south much.
  19. What works better for everyone? Days, nights or weekends? I will talk to the guys at Top Gun and see if we can use the class room to meet. Top gun is open seven days a week, their late nights are Mon. and Wed. til 9 pm, the rest of the days they close about 7 pm.

    For those of you who have not been to Top Gun, they allow all handgun calibers except the S&W 460. The only rifles they allow are handgun calibers. It is a 25 yard indoor range with a new state of the art filtration system.

    It would be great to meet others that share the hobby.

    If everyone can try and respond here or send me an email srothman(at)sbcglobal(dot)net. I will keep everyone updated and post when I figure out a day and time.
  20. Count me in week days or evenings are best for me.

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