Whos from St. Louis?

Discussion in 'Midwest Glockers' started by jjtroutbum, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. let me know. I'd love to shoot out there.

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  2. Huber

    Huber G1 Niner Rockin

    Finally back guys! Just got a new Glock 19 as I sold my last one.

    Will be joining ARPC Saturday

  3. REA9mm

    REA9mm get ready

    I am planning to shoot the monthly match at ARPC this Saturday, anybody else gonna be there?
  4. Born and raised in south county, transplanted to south city..... Just got my first Glock, Gen 4 G23.

    Top Gun is great, but I would rather shoot outside if I have a choice. There is the Henges range at Antire road, but are there any other outdoor shooting ranges in the area?
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  6. Hey Guys...I'm considering joining Arnold Rifle and Pistol Club and noticed you have to have a current member as a reference. Would anyone on here be willing to do this for me? Anything else I need to know about joining? Said there is a test too. Any info on this? Thanks!
  7. Huber

    Huber G1 Niner Rockin

    Moving back to Jefferson County next week if anyone wants to do a morning shoot at top gun let me know...
  8. Huber

    Huber G1 Niner Rockin

    Trying the newer range in Afton tonight.


    Anyone been there?

    My LEO buddy and I are excited to try the turning targets they have
  9. ptmccain

    Platinum Member

    Been there, great facility and darn good BBQ too

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  10. Been thinking about going there. May have to give it a try.

    BTW, I enjoy your videos. I've been thinking about joining the ARPC. I have a membership at Ultimate Defense in the St. Peters/O'Fallon area. Nice place. But there's just something about shooting outdoors that makes everything that much more enjoyable.
  11. I'm in St. Louis. ^that new range looks like fun. I guess I live in a cave, hadn't heard about it yet. Guess that's what having three kids 5 and under will do to you...eat up all your attention and time! haha
  12. ustate

    ustate NRA Member

    I'm not from there but my parents moved to Florissant about 20 years ago. Then I have a brother down in Cape.
  13. Confluence

    Confluence Professor Chaos

    I moved to StL city (The Hill) about 6 years ago. I grew up and lived on a farm in SeMO up until then.

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  14. ST CHUCK, MIKES GUNS HWY 94, BUSHES WILDLIFE $3 and HR. I have a 23 for carry , but like to shoot 1911 at range. Have bought a gun are two at Dennys in Fenton
  15. Chesterfield here......
    I like Busch Wildlife (closing soon) and Ultimate Defense.....
  16. I'm new to this site but I think I can help a little. Top Gun does site installation and has a sight pusher for their own use . You can purchase a sight pusher from Glock Store, but they cost. Most night sights are hearty enough to take a light tap with a small hammer and a piece of red oak as a punch. Glock also has a plastic punch,( or had one for sale at one time). I am a glock armorer and have installed many sights. Some folks have suggested that if the night sight cant be tapped into place it won't withstand the recoil of shooting for a prolonged period of time. If you buy the sights from Top Gun I believe they still install free. Hope this helps a little.
  17. brew

    Perryville Here :)
  18. The so called test is really more of a common sense set of questions but some pertain to the rules they have there. Nothing tough. Been a member there for 4 years now. The test is a new thing.
  19. Arnold,MO here i shoot at Jay Henges, top gun in winter and private property....tannerite is a good time!

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