WHo makes best MP5 clone in 9mm

Discussion in 'Heckler & Koch Forum' started by ATL_GLOCK, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. Hi all! I've been wanting a MP5 for a while. But can't afford an original one for $15k. I see some various clones in 9mm on such as Velocity Firearms offering and Vector Arms offerings. I also see various kits available. Can someone direct me toward a good clone? I'd like to keep it around $1500 and would like to get one that can accept a suppressor.

    Thanks all!

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  3. dakota tactical is putting out some good clones. vectors are good but they and dakota tactical are a bit pricey. if you can find a coharie that runs good you could go that route. you can get one of the mke turkish clone pistol variants with a 16" barrel, have it cut down and threaded for 1/2x28 and get a 3 lug thread adapter so you can use it with a variety of mounting options. the mke clones are good if you are not going to use a full auto trigger pack. they are made in turkey under hk license but are built with a shelf that makes them unable to take the full auto pack.

  4. I second the MKE route. I just got my second one on order for $1350 plus tax. I already have the K-version and SBR-ed it. I haven't had a problem with it yet and the fit and finish are great. I was talking to a reputable class 3 manufacturer about MP5's and which ones to go with and he could only recommend 2: original HK 94's and the MKEs.
  5. mind you the MKE cannot use many of the original MP5 parts and a HK sear will not run in a MKE.
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  6. Well, since it's a pistol with a 16" barrel, you could add a stock and handguard to it and it would be classified as a rifle, but bear in mind that once you do that, it will be forever classified as a rifle and you will need to fill out a Form 1 to shorten the barrel or go back to the other configuration.
  7. duncan

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    Do your reserch. Most people end up frustrated with getting the clones to run right and getting parts. Get the real thing.
  8. Fireman1291

    Fireman1291 Firefighter/EMT

    PICTURES! :wavey:

  9. yeah daddy dont got no $15k to get one.
  10. Here's the MP5K (AT-94K) after I put the stock and VFG on it.
  11. Fireman1291

    Fireman1291 Firefighter/EMT


    Yep...I want one! lol
  12. spooge!
  13. MKE AT-94P can not easily be converted into a rifle.

    Also be aware that MKE 94's can only use MKE magazines. HK magazines don't and won't fit, MKE blocked them.

    no threaded barrel - so no suppressor.

    Even though $1500 is your budget I highly suggest going with a Dakota Tactical 54p. You won't regret it.

    Threaded barrel = Navy version:
  14. Are you referring to just the AT-94P's or are you talking about both the 94P's and K's? I haven't had my hands on the P version yet, but I know my K version will take regular HK mags, and looking at the videos from SHOT the 94P could take a stock. I know that the AT-94 A2 carbine has the mag well blocked by two ribs so that it can only take the 10 round magazine supplied.
  15. I'm right there with you buddy. I WILL own a real full auto one one day
  16. Nine Shooter

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    I just purchased a Coharie Arms CA89 which should be coming next week. Here's crossing my fingers! :)
  17. scottMO

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    I would not shy away from any of the coharie/BW/SW5's. If you get one w/a problem, most are easy fixes. I picked up the Coharie MP5 SBR cheap cause the orig owner couldnt get it to work. I replaced the lower housing, sold my other housing, and was out 25.00 Runs like a top now, and it cost me less that 900.00 which is less than they were new. Most of the coharie problems are out of spec boltheads, which are an easy/fairly cheap fix and still puts you well under the 2k-2.5k price tag of the newer builders out there..

    But if you dont want to run the risk of problems, or dont want to troubleshoot things etc, Anything by ghilliebear2000, Dakota Tactical, Turner Fabrications, etc, should be 100% out of the box.

    Be advised, once you get one, you will want the other one too (mp5 clone vs mp5k clone). And now they have a 3rd option, the "reverse stretch", which is a mp5 rear, with a mp5k front.

    I started w/ the Coharie MP5 clone (SBR), then bought a Vector mp5k clone (SBR),and have a Coharie reverse stretch on the way (soon to be SBR'd).


    Not mine but great pics that show some options:
    A "K" w/a B&T short stock. Regular B&T mp5k stock below it for size comparison.

    I bought the reverse stretch, because of this pic. Looks kickass [​IMG]

    The reverse A3 is just as convincing:
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  18. Nine Shooter

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    So to make a CA89 pistol into a SBR by adding a stock, you'd need to complete a Form 1 and get the receiver engraved correct?
  19. Correct.

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