who is best price on .40 bullets

Discussion in 'Reloading' started by ssgrock3, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. tjconevera.com has berrys for $110/1000, is there anything better priced out there?

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  3. Precision Delta has them for $120-128 depending on weight and you get to use FMJ instead of plated. That's better in my book.

  4. sellersm

    sellersm disciplinare

    Size? Kind? Hard to say if we don't know what weight and style you're looking for?!?!?

    Powdervalley usually has the best price on plated. Montana Gold is generally cheaper if you buy them in the biggest quantity (>3K).
  5. just looking for a range for tmj, fmj, plated, etc...165gr or 180.
  6. Best I;ve seen, and Convera's offers free shipping on orders over $50.00.
  7. Powdervalley has Berry's .40 RN DS for $99.55/1000
  8. I like Montana Golds. They are a little more pricey than Berry's, but you get what you pay for. For a range, target bullet you can't beat the Montana Gold IMO.
  9. Since I don't like plated bullets and they cost as much as EXCELLENT Montana Gold bullets, I wouldn't know.
    However, I do know the Powder Valley is ALWAYS a good place to start. Most people find a company they like and seem to stop shopping on price alone.
    Looking at the tjconevera site, you are looking at Berrys 155 gr bullets for $110/1000 (11 cents a bullet).
    If you place an order with PowderValley (they are out of stock right now) and wait, you can get Berrys .40 165 gn HBFP-TP for $103.75/1000--just over 10 cents/bullet.
    Now, I can't afford to spend that much money on bullets that only give ME about 4" groups at 25 yards on a good day, but your gun may be a real tack-driver with them.
    My .40s all prefer lead bullets.
    I prefer Bootheel Bullets .40 155 gr L-SWC for $68/1000--just under 7 cents/bullet. These will give me groups under 2" all day in all my .40s.
    Another EXCELLENT cast bullet is the mastercastbullets.com .40 155 gn L-SWCSWC for $59.78/1000--just under 6 cents/bullet. These are designed after the H&G #68 200gn L-SWC that is so great in the .45 Auto and are just a little less accurate in my main .40 then the bootheel bullet.
    Next up in accuracy would the 175gn L-SWCs from various sources, but I haven't priced or bought any lately.
    If I had the money to spend on jacketed/plated bullets, or I had to buy jacketed to shoot indoors, I would be looking at Montana Gold or Precision Delta. I would really look to Zero Bullets first, but they haven't had bullets available since just before BHO took office.
    I would skip right past the FMJ and CMJ and go right to the JHP.
    At Montana Gold, the .40 cal 165 gn JHP is $150.00/100 (rather pricey, but NOT compared to Hornady, Speer, or Nosler for equal quality) or $328/2700--or 12 cents a bullet for a tack driver. For the additional 1-2 cents/bullet, I get a much more accurate and consistent bullet. Since I shoot about 800-1000 bullets a month, I don't see a 1200 bullet order as particularly large and I would rather, if I could, stock up NOT than wait to see what prices and demand will be after Nov.
    At Precision Delta, the .40 165gn FMJ-FN (sorry, they don't have a CMJ) is $120/1000 or $118/1000 for 6000--or 12 cents a bullet.
    So, if you don't like or can't use lead, then you are probably doing quite well with what you have, but you might want to look at PowderValley.
  10. I doubt you'll find anything less expensive than Berry's. Berry's has free shipping. Do the places like Powder Valley that sell Berry's have free shipping?

    Nothing wrong with Berry's plated bullets if you are keeping velocity below 1200 (which you are with 165 or 180 .40s). I've loaded many thousands of 124gr 9mm Berry's, never have had a complaint.
  11. No but Precision Delta and Montana Gold have free shipping.
    I just ordered some LSWC from ZCast and 2000 ship for a $13 fee. You just have to love USPS Priority Mail: "If it fits, it ships!".

    Except for the fact that they don't publish a single load. Everybody has to figure it out for themselves using the "somewhere between mid-range lead loads and mid-range jacketed loads".

    They'll shoot but the price difference between Berry's and Precision Delta jacketed bullets isn't compelling.

    Yes, I did load some Berry's and, yes, they worked ok. For now I will stick with PD.

  12. sellersm

    sellersm disciplinare

    You're kidding, right? Berry's price for .40cal 165gr FP: #31500 - Box of 1000 $118.64

    As mentioned in the OP, conevera's has it cheaper (and has free shipping). Powedervalley is even cheaper at $99.16, but doesn't have free shipping, however they're shipping charges to me in CO are next to nothing, which brings their total to under the cost of buying from Berry's directly and right around the cost of coneveras.
  13. Black bullets international has 180s for 105/k. My guns all eat these without any issue. And I use titegroup. No leading issues ever.

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  14. Nice source! I'm thinking about loading .40 S&W and BBI seems like a good supplier.

    Just for giggles, what's your load? If you can use a fast powder like TG then I ought to be able to use a faster powder like 700-X. I buy 700-X in the giant economy size for .45 ACP and I used to use a lot of it for 12 ga back when I shot 12 ga trap and skeet.

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  15. So, I ordered 2000 Z Cast 200 gr LSWC .45 ACP on Oct 2d and they arrived on Oct 5th. Of course they are only coming from Arizona (to Calif).

    The bullets look good. In fact, they look just as good as the S&S Casting bullets I have been using. The one big difference is cost.

    I haven't compared the bullet profiles and I have not actually tested any of the new bullets but they look fine.

    I may have a new supplier!

  16. ilgunguygt

    ilgunguygt Enslaved in IL

    You can get pullled FMJs for 103/100 WITH shipping from RMR.
  17. sellersm

    sellersm disciplinare

    Glad to hear it!!

    Don't forget, there's always MasterCast of Carbondale, IL! I talked to Mike today and he's got some of the newer, 14BHN bullets in stock.

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