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Who has read the "Shannara" books?

Discussion in 'The Book Rack' started by Brasso, Oct 17, 2004.

  1. Brasso

    Brasso Millennium Member

    I know they've been out for years but I just read the first series, starting with the newer, but first, "First King of Shannara and ending with the "Wishshong of Shannara". I notice that there are other books out there now like the Jerle Shannara series and this new book the "High Druid of Shannara" but I don't know what to make of them. What exactly are they? Do these books take place after the "Wishsong of Shannara" or before the whole series, or duringm, or what? Someone please explain what they are and what order they're suppposed to be read in please?
  2. G33

    G33 Frisky! Millennium Member CLM

    May 29, 1999
    With G29
    Wish I could help.
    Have read some here and there.
    Last Summer I did read the Jerle set in order and now started the Witch one; which is not finished I think.

    Not sure you have to read them all in order; I try to get the publish dates and go from there; or the order in the author's ad in side the front faceplate.

  3. Rocnerd


    Feb 7, 2004
    S. Florida
    I have read the first and second series only. The very first book out was The Sword of Shannara, followed by the Elfstones, and then the Wishsong. The second foray into the Shannara series started with Scions of Shannara, then The Druid of Shannara, Elfqueen, and Talismans. The First King of Shannara I haven't read but is a prequel predating the Sword of Shannara. I haven't read the others so I can't help you there.
  4. pal2511


    Sep 15, 2002
    Ive read some of them back in high school I believed I liked them greatly if I remember right. I remember staying up really late at night trying to finish JUST one more chapter.
  5. JimmyD


    Jul 18, 2004
    The first trilogy was the best...Sword, Elfstones, Wishsong. Maybe that's because they were already all out when I started them and read them back to back. The others I read as they came out and had to wait a year or so for the next one.
  6. RS7


    May 1, 2004
    Read "Sword of Shannara" back in high school. Wizards, dwarves, elves, giants, flying black wraiths. Seemed familiar for some reason. I never did figure that out.
  7. Tvov


    Sep 30, 2000

    Anyway, though, this brings back memories! Friends and I were really into them in high school, especially since they meshed rather nicely with our D&D games.