Who has GLOCK RTF2 Gills/Curved/Crescent slide serrations?

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by trozau, May 8, 2010.

  1. deeHKman

    deeHKman "It Is Written"

    I have recently bought a 17 and 19 rtf2 with gills. My 21sf rtf2 no gills. All are my favorite Glocks.

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  2. I have a G17 RTF2 that I use for IDPA. I really like the secure feeling of the grip.

    Just curious how much the texture wears down over time. I am hoping it does not change very much. I would be bumming if after a few thousand rounds, the grip changes a lot and becomes too slick.

    I do not carry the RTF2, so the only handling is during shooting.

    If anyone has a few thousand rounds through their RTF2, I would appreciate feedback on how the texture is holding up.

  3. G17 W/Gills NUV*** Born 08-16-10
  4. My EDC is a G19 with gills (PED serial #). I just didn't see this thread until now because I never browse this section of the forum. :)j

    EDIT: Oh Brianr34, I have quite a few thousand rounds through my gilled G19 RTF2. The texture is definitely smoother than when I first got it, but it is still holding up great. As a matter of fact I just shot it in the pouring rain a few days ago and it was great!
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  5. You guys made me do it again. I just got off the phone with Ed's Public Safety. I put in an order for a G17 rtf2.

    edited to add:

    Got it. NST - G17 rtf2 - June 17, 2010
    Blue label w/ 3 mags - rtf2 w/ fish gills - gray barrel
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  6. The G17 RTF2 is very nice. I only own one handgun and it is a G17 RTF2.

    I have been trying to talk myself into buying a G34 for IDPA and sell the RTF2. The RTF2 texture is just so nice, it is hard to give it up.
  7. Scored a used LE turn in G22 RTF2 NVXxxx with the fish gills and night sights a few months ago. One of 10 available, so I got to do my own handpick and landed one that is spotless. I think the gills are superior to the straight edge serrations and actually prefer them. Dead balls accurate gun. First round out of the gun was a bullseye at 33 feet.
    Looking forward to a little mix and match of the slide with a Gen 4 22 and an OD 22 that I will have in the near future. At least for some photos.
    The way the Gen 4 shoulda been IMHO. Woulda been nice to have the new frame grip with the fish gills.
  8. I had bought it already. Carry it every day, NVExxx.

    Left the 5 lb connector in, crisp release. TruGlow sights, great. Leaving the rough outside, pulls on shirt, when carrying, the only part that needs to be left alone, the back strap.

    On a draw, gun stays still! No slip, which the Gen3 tends to do, the Gen4 main spring? not fixed yet!
  9. Armed-N-Ready

    Armed-N-Ready Glock Clone

    G17 RTF2 / NUUxxx / 03/10/10 TFD
    G22 RTF2 / NBMxxx / 04/06/09 TFD
    G23 RTF2 / PEXxxx / 05/14/10 TFD
    G19 RTF2 / NEX..T /
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  10. I saw a brand new G17 RTF2 With gills at my local gun shop. If anyone is looking for one, Send me a message.
  11. Arc Angel

    Arc Angel Deus Vult!


    Yeah, until just now, I thought I was the only one who noticed this - Good call! (Someone at the factory must be cross-eyed.) Purchased my 3rd. gen. G-19(RTF2) on Nov. 1st of last year. The witness cartridge envelope is stamped April, 2010. The serial number is, 'PEDxxx'.

    Don't really care that the serrations are backwards. I really like the RTF2 finish; so, of course, it's already being changed.

    Shoots like a dream! 1,500 rounds through it, so far, all without the slightest hiccup. (Not counting the crappy, 'Zone 3' sights the shady dealer talked me into buying.)

    I don't see myself ever owning another 9mm Glock; but, I definitely like this one. Sure glad I didn't fall into the, 'Gen 4 hole' too.
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  12. I thought the guy at my local gun shop was just using a sales pitch.
    I bought a Model 23 RTF2 with the curved serrations because I thought it looked cool and it was actually cheaper than the Gen 4's I was comparing it to. I wanted a 23 to match my issued 22. The sales guy said he couldn't give me the LEO discount that they normally give but he did throw in an extra mag. I didn't realize what I'd gotten until I stumbled across this thread.
    Mine is Model 23, red label with NZP prefix.
    I really, REALLY like this pistol.
    Ordered a 27 yesterday and seriously considering trying to locate a Model 22 RTF.
    I'm really enjoying all the new (to me) info I'm finding on this forum.
    Thanks guys.
  13. Arc Angel

    Arc Angel Deus Vult!

    I held a brand new 3rd gen. G-22(RTF2) w/ slide scallops in my hands this afternoon. It is a flawless pistol. The dealer is selling it for $520.00 + the usual fees. It's a very busy gun shop; but, if you're interested here's the information.

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  14. G17-RTF2 serial perfix NPB born on date 01/12/10

  15. Thanks for the info but I'm gonna have to save up a little before I make

    anymore "additions".

    I've got a local dealer that's been great to work with too.

    Thanks again though.
  16. got a G22 RTF with gills serial NBWxxx
  17. Discovered a G23 rtf2 w/gills just days after I bought my G23 "regular" last year. I was bummed b/c I really liked the grip texture--and agree that the gills look really cool/distinctive in a world of millions of regular textures/serrations. I still feel like if I could trade my current 23 for the RTF2, I would instantly.

    ...Came across another today, and almost bought it. I will DEFINITLEY be getiting another 23 soon, but have been leaning towards the GEN4. So to those of you that have the G23 rtf2 w/ gills--AND a GEN4-which do you like better?

    Keep in mind, the gun will be for EDC/lots of range time. Most GEN4 owners claim the dual recoil spring is at least slightly smoother/less snappy, and that the grip is the perfect compromise. Help me decide...
  18. I have a G22 RTF2 with gills and I am loving it so far. The grip is amazing both on the slide and frame. I have had a few strange questions about the gills.
    Q-Why would you get that done? A-It came that way! has been a common one.

    Date on the envelope is 04/26/10

    Only down side I see is the frame texture will wear down faster, but I will wait and see.
  19. uzimon

    uzimon team ftp

    gills are cool. are they more expensive?
    sorry to threadjack
  20. No, from what I have seen they are the same price as regular, however I believe they are discontinued. So there are getting harder to find.
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