Who has GLOCK RTF2 Gills/Curved/Crescent slide serrations?

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by trozau, May 8, 2010.

  1. Just brought home a G17 RTF-2 w/fishgills & night sights.

    Test fire date 10/12/09

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  2. Just picked up local used (like new) G23 RTF-2 with Gills & Glock fixed NS

    NWHxxx 10/09 fire date Blue Label

  3. Gen 3 G22 RTF2 FISH with night sights DOB 8/6/09
  4. D.S.Brown

    Millennium Member

    Picked up a G23RTF2 with Gills from an Academy near my apartment on 10/17/10. The test fire is January of 2010.


  5. I saw a Glock 22 rtf2 at the range for sale today, only one problem...it is being sold with a laser sight and a bayonet!?!? A knife bayonet, seriously? They want $605 for it :crying:
  6. You might want to wait!!!! I have two Gen4 Glock19s, Glock sent me two of the new springs, very happy.
  7. I just bought my first G19. It happens to be an RTF2 with gills! Test fired 01/06/10. NZL serial number. Pretty boss stuff.
  8. 17L1

    G19 NYBxxx
  9. Gen 3 g19 rtf2 PHU prefix....no gills.
  10. trozau

    trozau troy ounce gold

    Kewl! Some people prefer the straight serrations and some prefer the gillies RTF2. Enjoy! :cool:
  11. Just today! Add one more RTF2

    G23C with gills NGDXXX born on 3/04/10
  12. Got a couple of the RTF2,s only one with gills..RTF2 G17 prefix NUT...Wish my 19 had the gills I really like the look but when I decided to go grab one all the had left was the straight serrations...grabbed in anyway as I love the rtf2.
  13. I am going to start saving for a Glock 22 rtf2. I can't wait to get one. They still have them at GT distributors :cop: in Austin, Texas.
  14. Three new RTF's in this family

    G17 W/Gills NXV*** Born 11-23-10
    G19 W/Gills NZL*** Born 01-06-10
    G22 W/Gills NHY*** Born 06-15-09

    The Toy Store had six more 17RTF2's left today. All with gills from november
  15. The funny thing about the Gills, they are cut back-wards! You grip more positively pulling forward.

    No big deal, you still can pull the slide back, I carry one, a Glock 19, my problem? not sure if I can call it a problem, my hands and feet do not sweat, so the RTF2 finish is the way for me to go. But it is too rough! Took skin off.
    I had to take it down with a file (just enough to still grip well, the side on the outside, I had too dremel, it was pulling the shirt)

    Looks like a pro G19 now.
  16. All it took for me to tame my 3 RTF2's was a light sanding with 400 grit sandpaper. I cannot imagine using a file and dremel? Why not just buy a Gen 3?
  17. Ive got one with same prefix!:wavey:
  18. I picked up 3 new RTF/Gilled 17's today born on date of 11/23/10 prefix of NUW red label box and sequential serial numbers.
    #158 jlpskydive, Dec 10, 2010
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2010
  19. G23 with gills NYVxxx
  20. I just picked up one. A G17 with a 11-16-10 born date. That surprised me. I thought they were done with shark gills

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