Who has GLOCK RTF2 Gills/Curved/Crescent slide serrations?

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by trozau, May 8, 2010.

  1. 17 RTF2 NPC XXX Born on 11/2009
    Just love it i love the serrations and the grip
    So far shot around 4500 rounds and no problem what so ever.

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  2. trozau

    trozau troy ounce gold

    The thread is just 2 days shy of being a month old and we have a total of 50 gill serrated slides across the 4 models counted. If we assume that we only have 5% of the total counted here, that would come up to 1,000 total across the 4 models issued with the gill serrated slides. :supergrin:

  3. Glock 22 RTF with gills, NEU*** serial. blue label with 3 mags if it matters to anyone
  4. trozau

    trozau troy ounce gold

    Looks like the supply of available RTF2 gillies are drying up. From another thread, Ed's Public Safety no longer have any G23 and G19 RTF2 gillies. They may still have a couple of G23C RTF2 gillies as of this posting. It will only get harder to find from here on in. :supergrin:
    #64 trozau, Jun 12, 2010
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  5. dano36

    G23RTF Fish Scales

    I have not shot it yet, should I or buy another to shoot?
  6. JeepsterChris

    JeepsterChris Jeepster Maniac

    I have a 23 with the gills. Also have a gen 1 and standard gen 3
  7. Njanear

    Njanear Nagant-ophile

    I just joined the club today - but now I need a separate sub-tally set up:

    G23C RTF2, with gills, NGD7xx, DOB: 3/4/2010.

    How could I NOT pick up such a neat pistol? :dunno:
  8. sfguard

    sfguard Spread Out!

    I have a G23 RTF with gills. I could have had the 19 as well and passed on it. I wish now I had gotten it
  9. nostradumass

    nostradumass Toten a 36

    22 W/gills-17W/gills-23 W/gills .....Ordering my 19W/gills through my FFL tomorrow. Have only shot the 17:wavey:
    #69 nostradumass, Jun 16, 2010
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  10. Count me in. I got a G-17 RTF2 with gills.
  11. G22 RTF2 with gills here. First Glock I purchased (actually the first gun I purchased), and what started my obsession :cool:

    Still my favorite to take to the range, followed closely by my 17.
  12. Mine is G19 RTF2 Same prefix as above
  13. glockfan9

    glockfan9 1911Fan9 :)

    Congrats to all the new RTF2 owners.
    -just a side note my local gun shop has 2 G19 RTF2 with the gills in stock right now and will ship. let me know if you want info
    #73 glockfan9, Jun 18, 2010
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  14. Mine came from a buddy, he got his hands ripped off (exaggeration on his part!) my hands do not sweat, even I had to file the points down a bit, what a grip!

    Glock19-NVEXXX Blue box 3 Mags.

    Has any one noticed? the crescents are back wards! You get more grip going the opposite way? Unless I am back wards?

    Shoots like a dream, carry and IDPA, no malfunctions of any kind, love it!
  15. Glock 17L

    Glock 17L *GLOCKAHOLIC*

    I bought mine when they were first on the streets & grabbed the fiirst one I ever saw..

    NYB*** RTF2 Glock 19 w/ Shark Gills
  16. I have a G22 RTF2 I love the Gills. NBW###
  17. I have a G22 RTF2 with crescent serrations.
  18. Great photo SigP229!
  19. I have a RTF2, G-23C with Gills.

    How many of you have this as the 'C' version?
  20. trozau

    trozau troy ounce gold

    Only you and 'Njanear' have posted having crescent serrated G23C RTF2. :cool:

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