Who has GLOCK RTF2 Gills/Curved/Crescent slide serrations?

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by trozau, May 8, 2010.

  1. trozau

    trozau troy ounce gold

    Nice! Only the gilled G-17RTF2 left and you'll have all 4. :cool:

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  2. I have a RTF2 with the gills in 17, 19, & 22, Looking for a 23 too.

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  3. The wife and I each have a G-22RTF2 MVF (1-7-09) and MZW (2-6-09)
  4. I have a G-22RTF ... wonderful pistol. Named it "Boomerang."
  5. trozau

    trozau troy ounce gold

    Those must be among the first RTF2 issues. :cool:
  6. R3508

    R3508 Curmudgeon

    Almost got G17 with gills, I bought the G20 instead (without).
    Love the gills!
  7. isis07734

    isis07734 Nice guy

    have the 19 version
  8. Alright I picked it up! G22 RTF2
  9. zrxoa5793

    zrxoa5793 Exterminate

    19 RTF 2 NZK , 17 RTF 2 NGX, and 21 SF RTF 2 without. So far I like the RTF better than gen 4.
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  10. Got a G-22 fish gill special serial #NYM***.Had it a couple of months and love it!
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  11. glockfan9

    glockfan9 1911Fan9 :)

    count me in G19RTF2
    PAR### january 2010
  12. trozau

    trozau troy ounce gold

    I couldn't help myself! Got a NIB G-19RTF2 gillie (ordered May 25 from Ed's Public Safety and picked up today, May 27 at a local gun store):

    PARxxx - G-19RTF2 gillie - test fired March 4, 2010

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  13. glockfan9

    glockfan9 1911Fan9 :)

    sweet congrats! we are PARxxx brothers lol
  14. trozau

    trozau troy ounce gold

    Thanks! I guess our G19 came from the same batch. :cool:
  15. glockfan9

    glockfan9 1911Fan9 :)

    guess so. mine was test fired on jan 12th. got it here in orlando
  16. trozau

    trozau troy ounce gold

    I also posted the following information in a similar RTF2 thread:

    The G19/G23 RTF2's were formally announced for release back in November 2009. The latest RTF2's with crescent serrations look to have been issued June 2010. That makes it a 8 month run for the G19/G23 RTF2 with crescent serrations. With the other models and finishes for that 8 month period, that makes the G19/G23 RTF2 with crescent serrations pretty scarce. :cool:

    The G22 RTF2 was first introduced for release in the 2009 Shot Show (January 2009) then the G17 RTF2 was announced for release May 2009. That makes it a 18 month run for the G22 RTF2 with crescent serrations and an 14 month run for the G17 RTF2 with crescent serrations. :cool:
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  17. glockfan9

    glockfan9 1911Fan9 :)

    ^ i like the sound of that. i feel soo special lol
    -i was stuck between 9mm and .40 but when i just happened to run into the G19 RTF2 at a local shop i had instantly made my decision :p
  18. Mine arrived yesterday.

    G17 rtf2 w/gills NDVxxx
  19. glockfan9

    glockfan9 1911Fan9 :)

    congrats, have fun and enjoy
  20. Count me in, G22rtf2 with gill serations, purchased April 2010

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