Who has GLOCK RTF2 Gills/Curved/Crescent slide serrations?

Discussion in 'Glock Collector's Club' started by trozau, May 8, 2010.

  1. Dang! Gills envy. Where are you guys finding these?

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  2. 17's and 22's are fairly easy to find if you're patient. Some of the others, not so much.

  3. Finally decided to register....G22 RTF2 with gills. NVZ*** Test fired on July, 2010.
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  4. I picked up a 22 RTF2 with the gills for my dad last week. $350 in the box with one box fired through it.
  5. Smokin deal!
  6. $350 is a great deal!
  7. [​IMG]

    Glock 17 Gen4 & Glock 22 RTF2
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  8. Just got this Glock 22 RTF2 from my work a few days ago. $389 plus tax, LNIB. Prefix NAX.

  9. grousemaster

    grousemaster Grousemaster

    I've got a 17 rtf2 and G23 rtf2...both with gills...both unfired...not for long though:cool:
  10. G17 RTF2 with gills and Ameriglo night sights...
    1 1/2 years old.... LNIB with all accessories.... $400 OTD...
  11. Dr. Rod

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    Does anyone know if the 23C was made without the gills?
  12. I have the twin, wished I paid what you paid.
  13. You still found a very sought after RTF2 and got it for a good price. I just got lucky.
  14. I've never seen one without gills.
  15. Lt. Donn

    Lt. Donn PSO Survivor

    I'll add my G2 19 to the list...ser, # NYBxxxx Unknown what the test fire date was...is there a way to find that date on-line?
  16. Can anyone say why the gills face the wrong way? They are actually machined back wards! Hence it is harder to pull the slide back?
  17. That's what I have always said. Visually they look better how they are but if your grip slips your hand will move away from the slide. With the gills the other way if your hand slips your hand will just go to the center of the slide.

    Since so many people love the gills (myself included) Glock could make some easy money by created a limited edition version with the gills flipped 180.
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  18. That serial number puts it around 11-01-2009.

    Gen 2?? RTF's were Gen 3's.
  19. MrGlock21

    MrGlock21 NRA Instructor

    Got a full size, love it. Got the Bull Shark gill version (only a coulple of hundreds made), not the Tiger Shark. Looking for a Mako in.357sig too. :drowning:
  20. Can you please post a picture? Thanks

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