Who else thinks the Ruger 38 LCR is a handful to shoot?

Discussion in 'General Firearms Forum' started by CDR_Glock, Oct 9, 2012.

  1. I have a S&W 642, and a friend has an LCR. I shot them both side by side, and I didn't notice any difference in recoil.

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  2. My .38 LCR is no problem. My sons S&W 638 is not pleasant at all.

  3. I have no problems with it.
  4. Being my first revolver, i was shocked at the recoil. I have only shot the remington sjhp +p because they were on sale for 14.99 a box o 50. Looking forward to a beefier revolver in the future. Maybe Taurus 608

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  5. Get a full-size revolver, say a GP-100 or S&W 686. Much easier to shoot. Learning to shoot a revolver on a short barreled DA-only gun is sort of like learning to ride a motorcycle on a 160-hp liter-class rocket. Sure, you CAN do it, but there are easier ways... :whistling:

    As for the LCR, I didn't find it at all punishing to shoot. It was much more comfortable than the Kel-Tec PF-9 I used to have. But I'm not one to sit down at run 100 rounds at a session in something like that either. (Seriously, if I want to shoot that much in a little pistol I have a Glock 26.)
  6. Masochist whiny babies?
  7. For low recoil, get any brand of 148gr wadcutters. Seriously, they have a lot less recoil because they are lower velocity for target shooting.
  8. Bren

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    GTers regularly whine about shooting guns that don't bother my wife.:upeyes:
  9. Well, I do shoot two hundred rounds of 125 grain 357s through my snubby, too.
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  10. Well I'm not 373 pounds, and cast a shadow that covers a VW Beetle! Glad your wife is more manly than me! :rofl:

    Sorry, couldn't resist!:supergrin:
  11. Ballistic tables aside, I've always questioned just how much "better" +P's are from a two-inch tube...

    I carry an Airweight Bodyguard with Federal Nyclad 125 grain non +P and I can dump 5into the 10X faster than I can with ANY +P out there.
  12. I have the LCR in .357 magnum and it batters the big joint of my thumb. I have no problems when I shoot 38 specials in the little pistol.

  13. I have no problems with my LCR shooting .38+ps in it. It's smooth,no recoil for me much.

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