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Discussion in 'Firefighter/EMS Talk' started by 4095fanatic, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. How many of you here love truckers? They seem to be always helping those of us in public safety. Today we were parked on the side of the road in the engine (awful weather, were on a wreck), and about half the trucks going by got into the lane next to the one we were occupying, put on their flashers, and slowed down, acting as a sort of down-stream blocker for us. Was real nice, and it happens all the time. Couple of cops I know have stories of truckers blocking in guys they're chasing, sometimes after getting a call on the CB. My theory is truckers spend a lot of time on the road, and on a deserted strech of road fire/ems/police will be their lifeline should something happen. That, or maybe they're just great guys lol. Just wanted thoughts/opinions/ask some you know and get their views.

    Note: Posted in both cop talk and fire/ems talk.

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  2. oldstyle

    oldstyle Jeep Pirate

    Truckers used to be awesome, when driving a rig was an art. New trucks are so powerful anyone can drive one and they drive them like crazy people. Today's truckers are too aggressive and drive too fast. Our worst wrecks involve speeding big rigs.

    I agree that the old fashioned "trucker" was (is) a great driver and some of the finest people you'll meet.

  3. oldstyle

    oldstyle Jeep Pirate

    We worked another big wreck yesterday. A semi driving too fast ended up on top of a Lincoln Town Car. Its front tire and suspension were actually in the car's rear seat. Two adults riding in the back seat walked away with minor injuries, lucky to be alive. The wreck blocked I-95 South for over an hour. Sorry, no pictures....
  4. We just worked a wreck on thursday involving a truck dumping scrap when the trailer tipped on top of the cab pinning the driver. Took us an hour and a half to extricate the driver. LINK
  5. Not bad getting him out in 90 minutes... must've been a helluva cut job, good work.

    Just two things I'd like to bring up: I saw an awful lot of people in those pictures without gear on climbing in/on/around the wreck... also didn't notice a whole lot of cribbing. Everyone went home safe which is what counts, just something I wanted to point out.
  6. I happen to be both, full time FD & part time OTR driver.
    I will say there are some drivers out there that drive a little recklessly but for the most part most driver are very cautious & respectful to emergency vehicles.... & to other passenger vehicles but i can tell you from experience, alot of 4 wheeler drivers will cut you off, try to stop/slow down right in front of you.

    Most of the time you always hear that truck driver was going too fast or something to that nature.....We can't stop on a dime like most vehicles, can't manuever as quickly either, if we could we would miss alot of accidents, but we still get the blame for it because we are the big rig, most drivers will try to ditch their truck before hitting someone because they know what the results will probably be.

    I too did not respect the big rig drivers that much till i became one myself & acutally got to be in their shoes out here on the lonely road.


  7. We do have a problem with people w/o gear going all over, as for the cribbing we used more improvised cribbing than anything. We had a crane stablizing the trailer along with a front end loader and a couple of our rescue jacks under the tractor and the trailer. And as a self-less I-Love-Me plug, I did 95% of the cutting to get him out. The only part that I didn't cut was part of the back wall that my LT had to cut cause I had to take care of the driver until our ALS arrived.

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