Who does CHEAP FFL transfers in the Indy area?

Discussion in 'Indiana Glockers' started by WetPhoneBook, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. WetPhoneBook

    WetPhoneBook Beer is good!

    Pops and Albro are both in the $40 range. The guy at Gander Mtn. said the "gunsmith" there could do it for about that too.

    If I'm only buying a $100 lower that's a 40% markup which is B.S. in my opinion.

    Are there any private FFLs that will do it for $5 or $10. I have a CCW so that should ease the process, I believe.

    I'm on the North side, but don't mind driving up to 30-40min if that helps.

    Anyone ever deal with Edmos in Carmel?

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. FThorn

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    Sample results:


    46231 Karl Bergquist Karls Gun Bunker Indianapolis IN $15.00 FFL Transfer

    46176 STEVE DAKE THE GUN DEN SHELBYVILLE IN $25.00 FFL Transfer & Gunsmith

    46112 Bryce Curry Premier Arms, LLC Brownsburg IN $25.00 FFL Transfer

    46122 Mark Lemmermann Mark Lemmermann Danville IN $15.00 FFL Transfer



    Daves Gun Shop
    10343 N State Route 9
    Fountaintown, IN 46130
    email: Click here to email me
    phone: 317-861-8368

    Transfer fee: $10.00

  3. Diane Penley at B&D Guns near Westfield is $10/transfer.

    Song Kang at Quartermaster in Carmel is $15/transfer, (maybe less for regulars).

    I stopped by Edmos once and I must have looked at him crosseyed because he didnt have any desire to let me in the "shop" during what I thought were business hours.
  4. WetPhoneBook

    WetPhoneBook Beer is good!

    Ha! I met Song Kang today! He's a nice dude, although he did ask me if I was going to go VT? I hope he was kidding.

    I drove by Edmos and called the number on his sign and the phone company said it's not in service. :shocked:
  5. I dont know Edmo, but why bother when Quartermaster is just as convenient location wise. I have used Song alot lately. The only thing you have to keep in mind with him is his schedule keeps him out of the shop at times so you have to communicate with him on what his schedule is to meet him at the shop, but it is worth it to me to not have to drive the extra up to Westfield to deal with B&D. Nothing against B&D, just not as close. Maybe it is worth it to others to save the $5.

    If you give Song a try, tell him the guy that bought his rifle case recommended him. ;)
  6. epsylum

    epsylum Boolit Hoze

    Plainfield Shooting Supply is $20.
  7. HoosierShooter

    HoosierShooter Copper Member

    Steve Dake in Shelbyville is a good guy to deal with.
  8. I don't know what they charge but I've seen Ed & Daryl @ KS&E do transfers. Beware though, even if they are cheaper, Ed will be trying to sell you stuff until your in your car driving away!:rofl:
  9. I thought Dave's on State Road 9 closed down. He used to do it out of a house, but I thought they were out of business. I may be wrong, but I bought a G17 off them a few years back, then the next time I went by they were done.
  10. Quartermasters in Carmel --- Where is it?

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  11. Quartermaster is north of 126th st on Rangeline rd in a shopping center called Mohawk..., I dont know the rest.

  12. Where is B & D Guns? I cant find them in the yellow pages.
  13. Go to gunbroker.com, click the link For Buyers, then choose the link Find a Transfer Dealer. You can search for them there and get all the information.

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