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  1. Misinformed? I understand ballistics quite well. It as a matter of accuracy and challenge. Anyone can go for brown and down. Body shots are for either bow hunting or wasting meat and poor aim with a center fire.

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  2. TheStreetKing - I agree with you absolutley. I could not decide what to do about that advice since it would be off topic....BUT don't every try a head or neck shot. Any deer hunter will tell you that is the most unethical hunting shot you can take. the chances of you wounding the deer and never find it are very high. just don't do it.

    sorry that I posted on this thread.

    rusty craine
    fort worth, tx

  3. Clutch Cargo

    Clutch Cargo Amsterdam Haze

    I was told a 10mm would bring down Godzilla :rofl:
  4. SCmasterblaster

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    Good answer, QNS :cool:
  5. Armchair Commando

    Armchair Commando Long Range Guru

    Im a bowhunter, and I've hunted deer with pistol and slug gun and i would never in a million years ever advise someone to shoot a deer in the neck or head regardless of what instrument was used to do the deed. The only way to kill a deer in the neck is to hit the artery and that's a very small window to hit.
    Only a complete fool would purposefully shoot a deer in the neck or head. And what meat would you be destroying if you double lunged a deer exactly? Those little slices of rib meat? I've shot 4 deer with my remington and didn't destroy hardly any meat.
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  6. Armchair Commando

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    Good post

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  7. This thread has been great entertainment. I facepalmed at first, but it became humorous very quickly.

    And for those. I guess I can't kill a deer with my 9mm or .45 ACP this year. I'll be sure and tell the deer when I kill him. :whistling:
  8. I was just reading about the deer from the WMA I'm going to hunt. Average weight of a buck dressed was 85 pounds. I'm starting to think the .30-30 is overkill.:cool: I'm seriously looking into a Remington 700 SPS in .223. Might convert my Savage M12 .22-250 to a .243 or .260 though. Oh the options.
  9. SDGlock23

    SDGlock23 Glockoholic

    I see no problem with using a Glock as a hunting tool. This thread was about a sidearm anyways, not your main gun. However, if you can get a deer in close and put the bullet where it needs to go, I don't see a problem. A bad shot is a bad shot, it doesn't matter what you're using. Put one through the boiler room and you've got a dead deer.

    I hope to get to go hunting this year, my .308 will be my main gun, but I promise I will have a Glock with me too, either my G21 Gen4 w/KKM 4-port shooting .45 Super (230gr @ 1200+ or 200gr @ 1350+) or my Gen4 G35 .40 S&W with 6" G24 KKM barrel (165 Gold Dot @ 1400 or 180gr XTP/Gold Dot @ 1275). I wouldn't hesitate using either if the opportunity presented itself.
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  10. SCmasterblaster

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    If G was coming at me, I would want a G20 with full-power 10mm ammunition.
  11. 10mm! I hunted with it for 2 decades. Now 70 yrs old, I limit the size pig I am taking out of the boggy bottoms. Populations control I shoot for sexually immature females. That puts them under 18months old and maybe 120 or so pounds. If ya know pig anatomy, you are under 20 yds, you contol the location and direction of the wound channel.....the full power 10 mm from a. 6" glock 20 will put a lot of pork in the freezer.

    In younger days the largest pig I've taken with the 10 mm (g20) was 234# boar. I was in ground blind. Shot was 12 yds. Took both lungs down and a hole in top of heart. He went farther than ya'd think with that shot.

    10 mm is a terrific caliber. It is not magic though and is exactly as good as the shooter.

    The glock 20 is a great partner for the 10mm. No hammer cock, no safety click, safety trigger stroke let's you make sure of wound channel path. The 6" barrel is worth an extra 100 fps or so.

    Culling Texas white tail does and feral pigs for the freezer, perfect combo.

    Texas, I luv u

    What do you think
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  12. If I told you how many pigs and deer I have taken wit my two G20s, you would have thought me a teller of hunting tells or a fibber. Ill just let you pick a number after viewing 24 hour trail cam pics in ps of last post. If you have any doubt of the effectiveness of 10mm in the right hands......your doubt is misplaced

    Texas, I luv u
  13. SCmasterblaster

    Millennium Member

    I believe you, sir. You must be a good shot. :cool:
  14. I would likely be consider a good shot. The points I would make is that near all of my shots are under 50' and the Glock is lethally guiet. At 15 yds cocking a hammer or the click of a safety sounds like ya hit the 80 yd gong with a 45acp. Both are a very unnatural sound in the Boggy bottoms.

    Before the 10 mm I hunted with s&w 41 mag. I also shot it double action so not to have the cocking sound.

    Quiet and close is lethal. Being a good shot is an aid.

    Texas, I luv u

  15. People have successfully hunted everything that walks the earth with bow and arrow. As for humane...I've seen deer shot through the chest with an arrow, and they don't even flinch. They just stand there and then fall on their face dead after several seconds.

    There is no comparison whatsoever between an arrow with a sharp broadhead and a .40 pistol. Someone said the two use the same mechanics...crush and cut...uh no. If your arrow is crushing tissue, you need to learn how to sharpen the head. No bullet will cut anywhere near as well as a broadhead either.

    eta...you really thing a bullet in the thigh will put a deer down any better? Shot placement counts, for every kind of projectile out there.
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  16. c01

    c01 Crazy Eye

    Good post. Exactly what I tell my son. Then we practice in the off season so he can make the shot. He was suprised at how fast a deer goes down when he shot his first through the heart.
  17. SCmasterblaster

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    Thanks for the arrow info. I learned something. :cool:
  18. I use .44 mag handgun, at bowhunting ranges, and broadside. 240gr semi-jacket soft point. Plain old Winchester white box or Remington yellow & green box.

    Both the bullet and the arrow will punch straight through both lungs. Even though one cuts and the other crushes, I don't see a big difference between them.

    I've never used a 9mm, but I would if given the opportunity. Gold Dot 124gr from Glock 26. I carry it as my CCW. It is on me when I hunt with a rifle or shotgun. Left my shotgun at the bottom of a tree once to climb up and fix the treestand area above. A giant buck came through and you bet I was digging under my hunting clothes for my Glock. I would have taken a 10 yard heart lung shot on him. But he jumped off as I drew. No firing at a running away deer.

    So in my opinion a 9mm defensive round on a standing broadside deer is fine. Under 20 yards sounds right for 9mm. You want precision and power.

    Going up in caliber gives you more distance and more power for more difficult angles. That's why I like .44mag for handgun and .308/.30-06 for rifle :)
  19. SCmasterblaster

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    Say it isn't so! A mere 9mm against deer?

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