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Discussion in 'Caliber Corner' started by Yankee2718, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. That makes sense.

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  2. SCmasterblaster

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    I remember my first deer hunt in VT. A giant buck ran across the road in front of our car. By the time we stopped and got out of the car with our handguns, the buck was on the other side of a bare farm field standing there looking at us. I had my .44 Magnum out and on target, but I didn't shoot as the range was well over 100 yards. We never saw another deer like that for 10 years.

  3. Regardless, you did the right thing. As a hunter I found it my duty to make sure any kill was quick and humane. Any shots outside of my abilities had to be passed.

    I have since given up hunting, I now prefer to just watch wildlife. However, I realize and respect that others choose to hunt and have absolutely no objection to hunting.

    Upland bird hunting was always my favorite, I'd do that again if given a chance to hunt in a place with decent pheasant numbers.
  4. SCmasterblaster

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    My hunting friends thought that I should have taken the shot . . . . :upeyes:
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  5. I'm not big on service calibers for any large game animal. Consider they are marhginal for stopping a 200# man, It's not agood choice for those that take hunting seriously. If you want a 25yd handgun shot, start toting a 41 or 44mag.
  6. SCmasterblaster

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    A S&W Model 629 6-inch barrelled .44 Magnum revolver.
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  7. I've shot lots of deer with the .44 magnum from a hand gun. A couple of them were a little over 100 yards.

    Compare the ballistics of the winchester 240 gr jsp at 100 yards with the ballistics of a .40 S&W at the muzzle. Almost identical.

    Under 25 yards I'd have no problem with a service caliber handgun on deer.

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  8. Your decision, again, service calibers are barely adequate for their purpose of fight stopper, not really a good choice for any large animal IMO. Sure it can be done but why, there are better choices. A 4" " 41 or 44mag or 45colt carries almsot as well & offers quite a lot more in penetration & wounding.:dunno:
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  9. SCmasterblaster

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    Glad to hear your opinion. I am going to go deer hunting with a 6-inch .44 Magnum here in VT this November.
  10. Get a glock 20sf and call it a day, load it with underwood 200gr ammo and have at it!
  11. SDGlock23

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    Yeah you could, but why go buy the G20sf and get invested into another cartridge when the 9mm or better yet the .40 will kill a deer just fine?
  12. The biggest reason service caliber cartridges appear to not work very well is combat shot placement. Combat and hunting are two different environments. In combat shots are fired rapidly with rudimentary aiming a good deal of time, resulting in less than ideal shot placement. Hunting generally produces one well aimed shot.

    In a defensive situation, the aggressor continuing to fight for several seconds or minutes after being shot is unacceptable. The same is not true in hunting. Even when shot by high power rifles deer can still run for a few seconds after being struck. The environments are totally different and comparing them is really apples to oranges.

    At 20 yards, a well aimed shot from a .40 will dispatch a deer. That is contingent upon proper bullet selection. Arrows do it with 1/4 the kinetic energy. The wounding mechanism for an arrow and a pistol bullet are very similar. Cut and crush.
  13. SCmasterblaster

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    I never thought of the similarity between arrow wounds and handgun wounds. Thanks! :cool:
  14. Neither the 9mm or the .40 would be my first choice for deer hunting, not even for a 20 yard shot. I'm sure it can and has been done thou. The above poster recommended a G20. If I were to use a Glock to hunt that would be the cartridge I'd use with a 6" barrel and propper hot 10mm loads. Of the choices the G23 would work better of the 2 with hot loads, check into what a Lone Wolf 6" barrel would cost. Nothing worse than losing a wounded 10 pointer due to a poorly aimed shot or from a weak caliber. (not to imply your aim sucks but I've seen it too many times at the hunt club on both counts). I may be biased since I use a .44 Super Black Hawk with a 7 3/4" barrel and 300gr flat nosed hard casts on the Ga deer/hogs. Good hunting and let us know how you make out.
  15. yankee2718 to add to what you pointed out, a compund bow set with a draw weight of 35 lbs has the apprx the same or more penetration of a 357 magnun round.
  16. That's why bullet selection is important. A deep penetrating bullet like an XTP is required.

  17. Care to how you came to that conclusion? And what are you comparing the so call arrow to? FMJ,HC,JHP,JSP,Wadcutter,Keither, FN,etc.......

    Remember arrows kill via bloodlost & wide wound track done to the animal. Bullets from handguns do not typically generate a permanent wide wound channel to a animal. And typically don't produce major blood lost

    Penetration in a bullet is different than that of a requirement of a Arrow with a broadhead fixed or mechanical.
  18. First, check the law. It is not likely that either the 17 or 23 are legal for use in hunting deer. Next, get real. For other than a very close shot, neither the 17 nor the 23 are "hunting capable." Yes, even with a .22 top unit on the 17, you could kill a deer... if you got lucky. But hunting deer is not about being a stunt player. It's about killing a deer in a humane manner. A .30-06 will in almost any instance kill very humanely. Neither of the two pistols you've listed are in that class.
  19. SCmasterblaster

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    I'd use my G17 or finishing shots only. :cool:
  20. To answer your question NOWAY. the bullet would be a fmj and my formula is in the field experiance hunting deer with said weapons.

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